We speak but do not punctuate a
silence of all the miles between
and dust gathers on the paths
I’ve left behind.

Once there was a time I knew solace
before the noise
The chaos of hearts which
realised they were awake
to pain.

An enigma is there
to be understood

A puzzle to complete
with nothing at its end
but, the ending.

Glass Angels and brass cats
keep a watchful eye but
offer no vindication
to love bequeathed


with an impetus it doesn’t own
a soul continues its
never-ending spiral of
life unfolding.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights Reserved

Shared with 3 Word Wednesday CCLXV11
Poets United, Pantry #75

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Impetus”

  1. Maybe it’s for the best..never to find the answer to the else would we dream..and write..Jae

  2. Fascinating theory of Impetus … just like the fascinating theories of Cause and Effect … endless food for thought … endless reassurrance … Thanks, my friend. Love, cat.

  3. what i find amazing about the soul, just like the heart, no matter the amount of hurt it recieves we still can go on, it still works for the good of us.
    That in life yes we do spiral, we do come to those crossroads where we have alot going on, but yet at the end we will find closure and restore our souls…

  4. the never ending spiral of life unfolding…nice i like…some really cool textures through out this verse…

  5. Ah yes, a soul is always unfolding until the moment we die, and perhaps beyond. Nice write for 3WW, Daydreamer!

  6. Wow, this one really speaks to me in a deep way. I especially love “An enigma is there to be understood,” “a puzzle….with nothing at the end but its ending.” Profound. And the “never-ending spiral of life unfolding.” Terrific writing!!!!!

  7. “Glass Angels and brass cats
    keep a watchful eye but
    offer no vindication
    to love bequeathed”

    Very, very cool!

  8. So true, soul continues no matter what one is going through. Funky picture as well, look like a worm hole straight to hippy hell..hahaha

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