Sand slips through the hourglass
its dust bequeaths an unsettled sigh
falling specks of fate
build a dune of shifting dreams.

There is no sense in nonsense.

Who am I?
In the mirror I turned
and turned again
not knowing
As petals fall soft to calm
somewhere within.

Life spirals
twists and spins
the summer flower
has run to seed
along its strands
unfolding who I am
with no respect at all
to the evolution.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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Sistine Chapel Michelangelo


A man sits on stony coral. Lethargic, motionless. Some women lay in sweet repose while other beings are frozen in time, already programmed to fear an expectant future cleansing. A preening and cleaning of souls whose strength will rapidly increase or decline depending upon their direction. The safety of Heaven not guaranteed simply by man’s driven will.
Everything from birds, bees, flowers, trees await in eerie stillness and silence ’til with a swift swivel He turns his attention once more to the man and, with a point of a finger bestows in him life…having first created every living thing …and all with an eloquent balance.
These pictures are just a very small part of the wonders in the gifted artwork of Michelangelo  (and his helpers) on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Vatican City, Rome.
He caused a huge controversy both with Cardinals and the Pope himself by painting most of the men and women naked. As a compromise he had some body parts painted over with leaves or covered with cloth.
I’ve always been fascinated by the hundreds of pictures within pictures and now that technology has advanced so much there is even a zoom in camera online which you can go to and look at this fabulous artwork in 36o degree rotation and zoom in so far with it too.
Here’s the link:
Sistine Chapel 360 degree Up Close (Bottom left are + – zoom, then use your arrow keys left, right up, down, for direction)
There are more than 300 paintings on the walls and ceiling including, Adam and Eve, The Garden of Eden, the Great Flood and mixed up frightening scenes of what he thought of as The day of Judgement.

Didn’t like these words this week for some reason. This is the best I could do with them.

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