Music of the Snow

We await her arrival
when the last stubborn leaf
finally gives up the ghost and
has fallen from the bough.

I, with mixed feelings
of love-hate relationship
(A true unconventional Bohemian)

She brings a hush that quietens
(enough sometimes)
to hear Heaven’s sounds in
nature’s timeless journey.

To see the sea of jewels
in kaleidoscopic sparkles
glitter and glow
stirs a dismayed heartbeat
into awareness that
life will still live and breathe
in endless flow
beneath her ice cold sheen.

Adrift in inner warmth
I’ll watch the Sleeping-Beauty ballets
recalling whispered moments
forgotten in all things that’ve passed
Yet, will return once more
in sensual silent dance
music of the snow.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Shared with Thursday Think Tank Prompt #Winter