Let it Be

Trees shed their leaves
leaving empty arms to
shiver through the
sleeping chill.

‘Let it be’
(she said)
‘Let it be.’

So, despite the cold
I stay among the living.

Winters breath touches
now in wind whispers
soon to set everything free
to be what it ought to be.
To sleep forever
to lie in dormant dreams
until spring arrives with
her promised nudges to
awaken once more.

Let it be.

Reflections on water
share passion spent in
expanding ripples and waves
until they exist no more.

The watchers are there
(I feel their presence)
listening for calls of love
from the song in my heart to lift
their vibration high into the ether
above the clouds
where more than words exist
teaching new hero’s on the ground
it’s best to just

Let it be.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Pot Luck #12 Feathers, Fidelity etc etc

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

13 thoughts on “Let it Be”

  1. Whispered words of wisdom…Turn Turn Turn- a time for every purpose-{by The Byrds}… Let it be Sure made me smile, because I see. Very good,Bren.

  2. Love the beauty of this from start to finish. Love the rhythm of the first line set up by single syllable words — slowing time up just a little. Very reflective and naturally controlled.

  3. Some of my favorite words “let go” and “let be”! They tie this piece together “Let it be” so well.

  4. But it is sooo tempting I don’t want to let it be. The Beatles might come and get me, or you, stealing their song title…hahaha…great verse once more. I was unable to let it be though and had to comment. I failed already.

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