‘Am I going to die?’
‘What grade am I in?’
‘Am I going to die?’
No, stop talking now.
‘What grade am I in?’
Alright no more questions, stop talking now.
‘Ok, but, am I going to die?’
You’re not going to die, now stop talking.
‘Yes but, what grade am I in?’


When she was 12 mini-monster went to a friend’s Birthday party after school. An hour later my friend bought her home.
She had a black eye appearing, bit of a bloody nose and was rambling on and on non stop. I was furious, thinking someone had beaten her but…..
Apparently she’d been in a hammock and had asked the boys there to swing her around in it but, she wasn’t holding on and of course she came flying off and, smacked her face and head on the ground
My friend said, she wasn’t sure if she was ‘play acting or not’ because she wasn’t behaving ‘quite right’ She was asking the same handful of questions, over and over and over non-stop.
We drove 45 minutes to the hospital here in town and the doctor told me she had a concussion and that sometimes they can lose their short term memory for a period of time.
If she asked me those same questions a thousand times in 24 hours, it would be an under-statement and to say it was scary to see it is another under-statement.
She still doesn’t remember a thing about that party. Concussion is not to be taken lightly at all.

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