In flickering gaslight he poked, prodded and carved.  He was tired from too many long nights spent working so hard. Grunted here and there as each lined up bottle caught bloody drops which dripped down in a gutter from each crooked sown limb. The storm reached its zenith as lightening intruded, cracked and flashed itself all around the room… striking the bolt that passed through the things neck and with a sudden twitched jerk… it then moved.
With a wheezed gasp and gurgle the thing broke its buckles and then snapped its wide leather straps too, with hefty thump… its two feet hit the floor the scientist stood there wide-eyed and…. in awe. Doubting his mind and its sanity too as the man-thing made of so many parts realised his sentient being at last and with a gigantic leap as befitting only the same he crashed through the glass windows… falling, down down, down onto the sidewalk with resounding crash and, with quick glance up into the darkness of night, his bulk… vanished.


This is the famous Mary Shelly novel originally called: ‘Frankenstein;
or, The Modern Prometheus.’ first written in 1818. It seems incredible that it was written so long ago but, her first edition was published in 1818 and then a second edition was published in France in 1823. The Wikipedia write up on it all is very interesting.
A lot of people still mistakenly think that Frankenstein is the name of the monster created but it is in fact, the name of the scientist who created it (according to the book) the creature had no name.
I never read the book but have seen various movies, the original creature was played in a movie made in 1931 by Boris Karloff
I always felt sad for the ‘thing.’  He didn’t know right from wrong and he truly didn’t start off wanting to kill anyone. He learned to ‘feel’ and, taught himself to read etc. But, though he makes friends with a blind man and a young girl he is feared for being a monster and this sets a chain of events into motion of death and of his eventual demise
(until the next movie ….lol)

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

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  1. Just finished reading Dean Koontz’s Frandenstein. We all seem to share a sympathy for Shelly’s monster. Koontz wrote the series in which he redeems the monster and justly deals with his creator. Thanks for another good read,


  2. As I said to Mike, Lex and Riley and I can all recite most of “Young Frankenstein.” It’s like our own “Rocky Horror,” but we don’t say the whole movie. We just laugh in advance of all the jokes.

    That Mary Shelley could conjure this book, a woman in her time, is FABulous! Also, the Bride features Elsa Lancaster (Charles Laughton’s wife) as both Mary Shelley and the Bride, which is too cool.

    THANK YOU for the extra info and for the theme. Great Halloween Wordling, my dear! Amy

  3. ddt, I so look forward to your pieces written with the wordle words. I love this book and have seen several of the movies. My favourite is the one with Robert DeNiro playing the creature. Nice one.


  4. My all-time favorite movie is Young Frankenstein. I’ve watched it a dozen times and still laugh just thinking about the wonderful cast and story. Who says monsters can’t be fun.

    1. Mike, I am so with you. I cannot watch the classic. I even burst into laughter when they first show the lab, thinking, “Yes! Yes! Say it! He vas my – BOYFRIEND!”

      Want to apologize everywhere I can, I accidentally credited Joseph Harker with the words (was channeling a Frankenstein vibe/Dracula vibe and out pops Jonathan Harker, I guess. Synapse Love Shack), but have since edited my post to credit you. Sorry for the mistake. Would love to have you over so we could all watch “Young Frankenstein” together!

      Rolling in the hay, Amy

  5. This is amazing. What an appropriate monster for you to feature at Halloween. Creatively and intricately wordled, Daydreamer! I always look forward to what you will do with the words each week.

  6. Are you trying to scare the cat? Going all vampires and frankenstein. Can’t you do My Little Pony! The cat would feel so at ease then..haha

  7. Oh, I love this one! Your exploration of monsters is bringing me great delight. There was a Frankenstein mini-series on telvision in the late 70s, maybe even in 1980? Your piece brought up images from it in my mind.

  8. The pictures spooked me thoroughly!! I like how you defend his abnormalities!! Hope the next picture is more fun!! 😀

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