Flying Duck

There’s swearing and then there’s swearing and, we all learn how to say ‘em.
My parents said I must not swear, not where they could hear and, a ‘bloody hell’
could even send me there.
Smart-ass children never listen. My luck ran out the day
they heard me shout: “Who gives a flying duck.”


All kids learn the swear words, and in company of their own age, if their friends swear
they swear because they want to fit in.
I learned never to swear in front of my parents… ever!
I teach my teen, children or adults who swear a lot show a distinct lack of vocabulary and education and, she knows so much better.
Even though I know she does, just like my parents with me, I will not accept her swearing in front of me.

(It’s usually ‘I couldn’t give a flying-Bombay-duck’  and it’s cockney rhyming slang for dropping… the ‘F’ word bomb  🙂

Oooo I’m ‘ard as nails…..LOL

Shared with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55