Night & Day

In the blink of waking eyes
I looked up and at once
could see both
night and day.

To the east, dawn arrived
riding across my sky
leaving clouds in its wake.

He rode a golden charriot
of flame which bore the
names Hope and Love
emblazoned on each fiery side.

To the right, the night
still wore her cloak
of a thousand eyes
filling the western sky
with her steady twinkling gaze.

Amazed at the jewelled gown
she wore
she shimmered as she moved
her body with such a
quiet grace.

And I knew I’d seen
that invisible cord

The cosmic tie at play.

The silent promise of
eternal love that lies
unbroken, between
night and day.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights Reserved

Hope this is a conflation. Night & Day are two very different things.
Shared with dVersePoets Meeting the Bar: Critique & Craft -Conflation

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

22 thoughts on “Night & Day”

  1. “In the blink of waking eyes”

    You had me right there. This was gorgeous work. I loved it from beginning to end. Thanks for the read!

    – Nick @Whispers

  2. wore her cloak
    of a thousand eyes
    filling the western sky
    with her steady twinkling gaze.

    Love your imagery here – beautiful words with mystical insight. Thank you for yet another lovely read!

  3. Beautifully weaved imagery…true love is eternal,
    it needs the balance, equally – darkness and light
    A stunning piece Daydreamer

  4. Eternal are night and day you say? What if you live in one of those places where it is always night or always day? Maybe they just don’t want to play and only come out every now and again or would that be a kind of divorce like men?..hahaha

  5. I could identify with the night – lvoe the twinkling gaze and jeweled gown part.

  6. The personification of day and night draws quite a contrast and leaves this reader in the middle of that half-way place between the two. I love this poem.


  7. I like the weaving of the night and day, tied with an invisible chord. For contrast, I would suggest an earthly chaotic scene.. maybe in the middle or the end. Yet all nature events are tied in together…just a thought.

  8. Yes, I too believe love is eternal. The cord may be invisible, but it exists and is strong. And the jewelled crown, well that is for a life well lived. Beautiful poem, Daydreamer.

  9. nice…some great imagery here…between night and day there exists a very magical time….of course you bring the spiritual as well in stunning display…smiles.

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