Night & Day

In the blink of waking eyes
I looked up and at once
could see both
night and day.

To the east, dawn arrived
riding across my sky
leaving clouds in its wake.

He rode a golden charriot
of flame which bore the
names Hope and Love
emblazoned on each fiery side.

To the right, the night
still wore her cloak
of a thousand eyes
filling the western sky
with her steady twinkling gaze.

Amazed at the jewelled gown
she wore
she shimmered as she moved
her body with such a
quiet grace.

And I knew I’d seen
that invisible cord

The cosmic tie at play.

The silent promise of
eternal love that lies
unbroken, between
night and day.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights Reserved

Hope this is a conflation. Night & Day are two very different things.
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Love & Light

Sparkles and sprinkles
fell into my eyes
warm, blessed, beloved
(was I looking for you, still?)

Did I not dig deep within
find you cast adrift
inside my inner sea
and there was I
(thinking I am lonely island)

Yet, there you were.

Calming every frightened breath
with loves even strokes to keep
my soul from sinking into a
bottomless pit of despair.

Yes, you were there.

I turn my collar against a chill
of hands that threaten to dampen
mood, shifting thought as I do


A smile
A kiss
and all those drops that
came from either joy or sorrow.

So wrinkled now, those days
whose memories used to
be so smooth
So sweet, they took away the sour
of bitter after taste.

We live
We learn

(Still so much more to learn)

God is Love, Is light

We are part of that light
(no matter how we see it)


We never walk alone.


©Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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