History Repeating

A fire burns.
It’s flames, passion stirred in
stories told of victory or, defeat.


if we have loved
how then, can we lose.

There’s none to blame
no sackcloth’s to wear which hide
the stain of tears.

Touch my heart
it still beats the same
Keeps its rhythm even
without rhyme or reason

 And, the fire’s dying embers
warm a soul which knows its truths
still lie between the lines, unsaid.

I weep for you
for me
and for loves labours lost in
History repeating.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

I like this song by Dame Shirley Bassey & the Propellerheads (and like the seasons repeat) I believe in many different ways, history does repeat itself, over and over again, unless it’s something we wish to put an end to.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “History Repeating”

  1. We can’t lose if we love…so true. But we do seem to go round and round until we learn the lesson we need to learn. Nicely done.

  2. I love your poem, history does repeat itself. Sometimes we watch it, and we know it is going to repeat, like in our kids doing something stupid that we’ve already learned our own lesson about 20 or 30 years ago, and there is not a dog gone thing we can do about it…… Because it’s like they need to find out for themselves. That’s when my emotions really kick in. But I think your poem is about breaking hearts, which is a little different. But it still is just as confusing. We need to love and be loved. It’s programmed into us. Heartbreak will put us on the injured list for a little bit, but all too soon we’re back out there putting our hands back into the fire….. Your song was perfect for this poem, history repeating. I don’t know Dame Bassey, but I’m assuming her stage name of “Dame” is a play off of the famous Count Basie…… Really cool………

  3. Just can’t help it sometimes, the connections we tend to form are with what appeals to us and sometimes that does lead to history having to repeat itself. One should eventually wise up but it sometimes does take quite a lot to push us out of choosing what we choose by habit. Thanks for insightful points in your poem. Difficult to face, but good stuff.

  4. And, the fire’s dying embers
    warm a soul which knows its truths
    still lie between the lines, unsaid.

    I’ll gladly take that bit of wisdom and ruminate on it for a while. There’s a lot of power in this poem like the song you’ve offered – they both surprised me.

  5. History does indeed repeat itself, right along with our capacity (or lack there of) for us to learn from our mistakes. You sum it up wonderfully in your comment…unless its something we wish to put an end to…awesome write!

  6. As they say: the cycle comes and comes again. I don’t think history *needs* to repeat, but we do seem locked into it…never learning, never moving past; always drudging up the same mistakes. Hiding never works…silly to think so many believe that just by shutting their eyes, they can make it all go away.

  7. Really enjoyed this piece. It really does have this certain air to it that I can’t pinpoint the correct term to describe it. It just works and the idea that cyclicality can be good or bad, but more so that it’s meaningless to a certain degree, that is if we live and love, in ways that we’re pleased with that it shouldn’t matter if history repeats. That’s one of the angles I was able to read, there’s another, something I know I’m missing though, and it has everything to do with the second to last stanza-something in the positioning of the words- I don’t know, but I do know I enjoyed the piece, thanks

  8. History will be repeated if we allow it too…yep the seasons are continuous ( tho in Uk all seem weird )but we should be able to stop our selves repeating our history …shouldn’t we ? thanks for your great poem loved the rhythm to it .

  9. i like how one thought falls into the next and it gives a chain of pearls for the reader to hang their own thoughts and compare and re-think…deep and yes…history does repeat..there are many proofs it does and still…each day is a new chance to change lanes..

  10. I really like the continuity in the beating of the heart and just like history, when fire burns, some gather in a circle around it; others stay in their cozy nook, nowhere near the possibility of getting burned.

  11. i like the subtle depth to this centered around the truth that history repeats…passion though will never return just waiting on the season to change once again…but opportunity will be there when the weather is warmer an the frost thaws and new life will break the surface….

  12. So true history does seem to come back around, even as sometimes it shouldn’t but many refuse to wise up, great verse.

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