Beat of the World

 With gentle tremor
the wind whispers
‘trees live’
I hear their music through
rustling leaves.

Sea laps the shore
with endless sweet kisses
on high tides of blessings
and gratitudes.

Birds sing their own song
on wings of joy
and, in freedom of flight.

With bluest of skies
clouds share their air
and dance upon the earth
as they move in
shifting shadows
what my mind wishes
them to be.

Each blade of grass
each tiny tear that falls

is as important
as you and I

Once we have heard
the beat of the world.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I used to live in the house whose deck you can just make out the corner of, on the right of the pic. Loved this river.  Water is my life’s blood.

Shared with Poetry Picnic Week #10 Nature, Forests, Rivers, and Mountains


He’s a black-hearted rose. A cunning devil in black and red. A blood sucking vampire, of the rusted-out and dead. Evil lusts for darkness to carry out its deeds and once the sun nods off to sleep Dracula seeks insidious shadows in which to meet his needs. Dark cape around his neck, no ragged dress for him and, piercing eyes aflame, he’ll glaze you with his looks, ’til he knows that you are hooked. A through charmer, hearts shudder at his name. In the beginning he will wine you, he will dine you. He’ll fill you to the brim with soft moonlight and wishes and then, commit his sins. He will take you by the hand, arm out stretched, will draw you in. Till your head is in the clouds and heart a rolling thunder, with his spell he’ll pull you under. He’ll kiss your eyes, your cheeks and, whisper in your ear all the tender loving words he knows you long to hear. Your bridges, your walls will all collapse as he’ll straighten to full height,  drag you ‘neath his cape and… still beneath his spell… his teeth will bare and soon the sharpeness of their blade will sink right into you, and like a rag doll that has swooned you will be, until he’s made the final kill, partook and had his fill .

And once he takes your blood, well then…he has your soul.

As Halloween is fast approaching, I chose a scary theme for my Sunday Whirl ‘wordle effort. You will all know of course this is loosely based on the Dracula tales written by author Bram Stoker in 1897. Dracula was based on Vlad the Impaler. I chose Christopher Lee as my Count Dracula because over the years he played the part in movies more times than any other actor.

Shared with The Sunday Whirl Wordle #27