No holds Barred

No walls
no room
no doors
can imprison a mind
which thinks itself as free.

From a tentative dying ember
that slip of light called hope
sparks into a flame
builds passion to a fire
that burns from such desire

to live
to breathe
to be.

No cell
no bars
no guards with keys
can prevent determined thought
from breach of their security

No type of captivity can hold a mind
which thinks itself as free.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

 *For Jae

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

49 thoughts on “No holds Barred”

  1. A very earthen sultry piece and kudos on the sublime image choice!

  2. I could reread this one more time and still feel it’s strength of the thought of feeling free

  3. This is a great post for the current state of the collective mind. We are all feeling “caged” and fragile as we buck against a system that has had us in its grip for a very long time. The difference now is, that wide awake, we can see more clearly the cage we find ourselves in! But.. we ARE free if we think we are! Another great poem Bren!

  4. some advanced minds have said similar things, though not as poetically. i’m thinking of viktor frankl who survived a nazi concentration camp by finding humor. this is the stuff of evolved people. i can only spectate and appreciate. fab post.

  5. so true..was thinking of marie durand when reading this…imprisoned for years her mind was free like a bird…escaping the darkness – this is true freedom

  6. r our minds really free….
    but i like how u have determinded how our minds r in deed free, its we as ppl that let someone captivate our freedom.

  7. Great depiction of how an open mind and determine mind should work. I love the freeing feeling I got from reading this. THANK YOU.

  8. you’ve written your poem with a delicate hand yet she is
    so powerful a poem, so true – the mind reigns supreme when
    filled with hope.

  9. Lovely lines and so much truth!! Loved the lines
    “No captivity can hold a mind
    which thinks itself as free.”

  10. Look at you going rhyming along, such fun and so true. although I have no fear, as there isn’t a big enough cell to ever hold my mind..haha

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