What’s in a Name

From the link Laurie shared at Imaginary garden with real toads  The name Brenda is from the Norse and means ‘Sword’

Always meek and mild type, most of my battles have been fought through words on paper. As we all know the expression about the pen and the sword.  That doesn’t mean I have allowed people to walk all over me in life. If I’ve had to fight battles for those I love because they either can’t or won’t, I’ve stood my ground against all sorts of people to defend them. Someone said to me a few years ago:

“I always thought you were such a wimp but now I’ve seen you in action, you are so much stronger than I ever knew. You have to be one of the strongest people I’ve ever met and, I so admire your courage.”

I replied: “People always think that shouting, ranting and raving helps make their point but, you don’t have to shout to be brave. It’s all about allowing people to ‘think’ they’ve won the battle but, knowing yourself in the end, you’ve silently already won the war.”

I am captive to your
wordy slave
entranced so by your
Show me your wonders
for are we not equals
in our sharpness of

But I love my words more
and let them be a
weapon against the
sharpest blade.

For the pen is mightier
than the sword.

The pen it is that stains
the pages of life and
calls for war
or peace.

But no spilt blood will touch
against the pureness of
this sheet.


Lay down your sword in
complete surrender.
Just kill me softly with
words of rhyme.
Cut me deep with letters
of pleasure.
Then drink my sap like
rich red wine.

Let’s make love….

Not war.


© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved

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Who knew he would grow into being such a super wonder of a man.
Always different from the rest, his whole life was one big test
of good triumphing over bad.
With an endless stamina and an iron mind set, he’d expected no less
than hearing Lex Luthor’s insane rants about his bright red underpants.


Always loved Superman,  Batman and the other super heros but, always did wonder why they were all made to wear their underwear on the outside…. weird!

Shared with G Man’s Friday Flash 55 Because I cannot resist your wicked sense of humour, it matches mine LOL