Time for Miracles

When autumn leaves have fallen
pride will sleep with the coming of winter
love will still flow in endless
currents ‘neath the river’s freeze.

Some way
we share a spark

A flame
An unwavering connection
to the divine
a twinned soul is never alone.

Having tapped the well within
seen sunlight’s perfect glow
upon nights darkest shadow
tasted salt from drops of
liquid pain
I know now
love bears no regret or shame.

Maybe it was love at first sight
(who knows)
but, none can ignore its joy
and Heaven knows, it’s always
time for miracles.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Yes, it’s always time for miracles.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Time for Miracles”

  1. Wonderful is the only overused adjective i can use after reading this. i read and re-read the lines
    “seen sunlight’s perfect glow
    upon nights darkest shadow” it shows hope and thats all we need.

  2. Inspiring, hopeful, well written, and a great pleasure to read. I always enjoy my visits here. Thank you.

    (line 11 did you mean divine?)

  3. Since I’m always late commenting, all the superlatives have already been used! I really enjoyed this and it seems to be sticking with me after the read (which is a lovely thing when it happens)! Bravo!!! *standing ovation*

  4. Effective blend of a nature metaphor and a reality that we face in life. You capture the beauty and sadness of autumn and the hope that goes with them.

  5. Bloody hell, I can’t get my miracle if I keep uttering that phrase, thanks alot..hahaha….another truly inspiring piece.

  6. Very much a poem filled with hope. Lots of positive energy here. Love the third stanza, for what it is and how it sounds. Thanks for the read:)

  7. sometimes you think it’s love at first sight and then you wonder if you even know what love at first sight really is.

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