I had promised myself that if I ever have a car that has a plate holder
at the front I would treat myself to a funny one…one day.
“I’m not getting in the car if you have that on it.” My teen said most adamantly.
“Well, you will be walking quite a lot from now on then.” I replied equally as firm.

A few weeks later I’m walking back to my car in the parking lot
outside of the superstore. See an elderly man in his car which is
nose to nose with my own and he is chuckling away to himself.
I smiled and thought it’s nice to see someone happy.
Then he began to point towards my car and it was then that I
realised, he was laughing at the plate because it said:


In the UK you have to have a legal matching plate front and rear of your vehicle or the police can pull you over and fine you for it. So, when I moved here it was such a novelty to me to see these funny plates or plates with pictures on the front of cars and of course, I always said if I get a car that has a place for a plate on the front I’m going to buy a funny one.

When I saw this one in Canadian Tire I thought it is so apt for me and the way I drive (fast) and the kids when I give them a ride here or there and, my teen said, “I’m not going  in the car if you put that on it!”  So, I told her she’d spend a lot of time walking then because it’s going on… and I put it on.   Forgot all about it being on there until one day I walked out of the superstore and the elderly man in the car facing my bumper was really giggling at it.

Seeing his laughter really made me smile.

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