A life less Ordinary

Once again
I reached for the impossible
now, shrug my shoulders


as a whistle on the wind
from nowhere


Sends shivers up and
down my spine

(or was it a panicked gasp for air)

No matter


It carried with it
a smile I once knew


Just when I allow you in

…you leave,

(a reason, a season or, a lifetime)

So fleeting was
the moment passed
and all that happened in one
breathed-in gasp.

I let the silence speak
with its healing touch


in its blessed sanctuary
am admitted to the
fountain of knowledge
where I’ll drink and know
for sure, there
is no future without love

and this truth


Gives the reason to see
through a kaleidoscope of colour

A life less ordinary.


© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved


Life and Love:
I have never been what anyone has expected me to be. Never lied nor, had to hide my truths from anyone. Always been myself, even if being myself doesn’t conform to what is considered the ‘norm’    ….
Why be a sheep if I can be the shepherd.

Its not about getting through life unscathed and untouched by life or, love.

It’s about being in the ‘now’ moments and living for those ones that are so fantabulous we feel free to really live them and not worry about anything but that moment in time. Those are the moments which take our breath away, then we know we are living ….because we really do feel….alive!

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Thursday Poets Rally Week 53

The Perfect Poet
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Thank you for the nomination. I would like to nominate Life Between The Lines LBTL for the next perfect poet award.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “A life less Ordinary”

  1. I love this phrasing,

    “So fleeting was
    the moment passed
    and all that happened in one
    breathed-in gasp.”

    The sensory response to “breathed-in gasp” is clear and sharp. Love it!


  2. Oh… Another nice one! I like the rhythm and the ‘voice’ it speaks with. And the line ‘a kaleidoscope of colour’ has me reaching for my pen! Very well done!

  3. Less ordinary indeed. I was following the flow of air along the lines. Time passed within a moment and it’s just poof it goes. We are unable to hold on to it, untangible as it is, we can only keep it within our hearts.

  4. ‘smile’ ‘once knew’ ‘Just when I allow you in’

    …you leave,’ ~ and all of that trust, hope

    ‘So fleeting was
    the moment passed
    and all that happened in one
    breathed-in gasp.’ ~ disbelief, bewilderment, hurt

    but then ‘I let the silence speak
    with its healing touch’ ~ there is such strength in silence ~ what a beautiful journey through unrequited love/recovery ~ beautifully hope full ~ Lib

  5. awwww! I love the pic, the presentation of the piece gave me shivers and the end notes are so so me 🙂 smooches! I DIG this!!!!

  6. Very much agree, live life for me and screw what the rest say, I’ll do things my own way. Not quite as nice about saying it as you..haha…but my point surely gets through.

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