Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Blogger Chimnese  for nominating me for this award.
It was such a lovely surprise to find it in my mail this morning!~!

There are so many blogs that I read and wish I could nominate you all for your wonderful words but can
only nominate 15 and they are:

1. Sherry Blue Sky
2. LBTL Life between the Lines
3. Kim Nelson Writes
4. Laurie Kolp
5. Ed Pilolla
6. Jae Rose
7. Old Egg
8. She’s Writing
9. Mike Patrick
10. Brian WaystationOne
11. Claudia Jaywalkingthemoon
12. Nanka
13. Mary Inthecornerofmyeye
14. Mama Zen
15 Pat Hatt

Now I have to tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I love words (as if you hadn’t guessed by now)
2. Love to see love. There’s nothing better in this world than to love and to be loved.
3. I love all animals and hate to see cruelty to them. I believe animals have souls too and if they could speak their thoughts and their fears and of how they trust us for their well-being, we’d never eat them.
4. I’m from England but live in Canada.
5. I believe there is a higher power that we do not understand and have gotten ‘religion’ all wrong and one day we may learn many untold or hidden truths about our ancient past.
6. I am very loyal, and live, eat and breathe with passion.
7. Am pretty shy in reality and …think I’ve said enough.

Now I have to go and let these 15 folks know I nominated them too.

Thank you to Chimnese once again for the award. I’m deeply touched.

A life less Ordinary

Once again
I reached for the impossible
now, shrug my shoulders


as a whistle on the wind
from nowhere


Sends shivers up and
down my spine

(or was it a panicked gasp for air)

No matter


It carried with it
a smile I once knew


Just when I allow you in

…you leave,

(a reason, a season or, a lifetime)

So fleeting was
the moment passed
and all that happened in one
breathed-in gasp.

I let the silence speak
with its healing touch


in its blessed sanctuary
am admitted to the
fountain of knowledge
where I’ll drink and know
for sure, there
is no future without love

and this truth


Gives the reason to see
through a kaleidoscope of colour

A life less ordinary.


© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved


Life and Love:
I have never been what anyone has expected me to be. Never lied nor, had to hide my truths from anyone. Always been myself, even if being myself doesn’t conform to what is considered the ‘norm’    ….
Why be a sheep if I can be the shepherd.

Its not about getting through life unscathed and untouched by life or, love.

It’s about being in the ‘now’ moments and living for those ones that are so fantabulous we feel free to really live them and not worry about anything but that moment in time. Those are the moments which take our breath away, then we know we are living ….because we really do feel….alive!

Shared with ABC Wednesday prompt #Letter L

Thursday Poets Rally Week 53

The Perfect Poet
An award that brings pleasure
To a Daydreamer

Thank you for the nomination. I would like to nominate Life Between The Lines LBTL for the next perfect poet award.