Great Expectations

It had seemed quite an adventure at the time as the six year old walked slippery cobbled stone streets following the signs but now as the fog began to thicken, he felt his heart beat quicken. The church stood alone with a circle of concrete stones surrounding. It was Christmas Eve and a myriad of thoughts were running through his mind. More than a little fearful a tear took the liberty of invading his eye as he pushed the creaking iron gate open wide.
Whatever had he been thinking, but then he focused thoughts to remember why he was there.
Face set as hard as those stones, he thread his way among them chastising his fear for, he was not as lost as most of his family buried here and, as if he wasn’t already spooked enough…



…… was then the hands reached out and grabbed him.

For those who don’t know the story this is the opening scene of author Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations It’s a tale of poverty, people being sent to the poor house. A woman left standing at the altar on her wedding day whose anger became bitter and filled with spite  over the years. A boy who grew up loving the wrong young woman. It’s a story of harsh life lessons and learning them, set in Victorian England, a time when they still sent convicts on ships to penal colonies in Australia and other parts of the Empire.
I added links for you if you are interested in knowing more about Dickens or the story. It was also turned into several movies and TV series over the years.

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