God given talent
(or not)
we humans place others
on pedestals.

Build them up.
Turn them into superstars.

Cherish each word
each gesture
each appearance they make
with a guarantee to put yet more
dollar signs in their eyes
along with stars
until they begin to really believe
they’re invincible and can
walk on water.

how quickly the American dream
can become a full-fledged nightmare.
A nauseating nausea of
drugs, sex, anorexia
and plastic faces paid for
with plastic money

Until one day their star
begins to wane.
They displease us
and, fickle…
we move onto the next
new idol’s name, so we can
build them up
ready to shoot them
down in flames.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

This is just some thoughts on how all the fame and fortune in the world, doesn’t bring real happiness. We humans are so fickle. What we love one day, we’ll throw away the next and move onto something new. In making them superstars they leave the people behind who would tell them ‘No, you can’t” and become surrounded by ‘Yes men.’ People who give them what they want because they want and they’re never told ‘No, it isn’t right to do this’ anymore. Because they have so much money and are chased everywhere they go, they then isolate themselves and begin to lose touch with reality. Turn to drink, drugs, to keep them on a high so they can perform. Have sex thrown at them, on a plate.
Yes, they lose touch with what is the true reality of the world.
The American dream isn’t such a wonderful thing for a lot of superstars in the end, really.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

10 thoughts on “Superstar”

  1. Isn’t it strange that they so powerful are just also vulnerable despite their perceived invincibility. A we poor public are often the cause of their demise. Thoughtful post.

  2. Well, I just wrote a long comment and lost it all, as I did not do the captcha phrase. Annoying, especially since I spent time thinking out / reworking my comment. I won’t try to duplicate it, but will just say that it always surprises me when people who are successful are not satisfied and always want more…plastic surgery, thinness, larger this or that, smaller this or that. And then drugs. I don’t get that at all. Why would someone who has achieved all need or want drugs?

  3. the stars are trotted in and trotted out. anything for our entertainment and further distraction from the horrors of the world we could be showing you instead on tv. and the pressures are so much many in the spotlight turn to self destruction. a terrible cycle captured very well.

  4. Really nicely done. You captured the essence here. I’ve always thought of the Celebrity-fan relationship as fickle and how Celebrities, many at least, are so blessed to be in their position, act in such ways that not only squander the blessing but also assist in their own undoing. Really enjoyed the write, thanks for the read

  5. So true, there is so much BS flying around with so called fame it isn’t funny. When you whine just to get attention or can get famous by making a sex video on the net, it truly is a sad state of affairs. I’ll just take the money and run..haha

  6. Well done and the idea is great. So true how success and fame can be so fickle in the glamour world!! There are absolutely no guarantees there!!

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