The Time Machine

This was no accident he was here by his own design and, expecting some sort of action whilst sat in his latest contraption.
He pushed  a lever forward, engaging both clutch and gears feeling the motor spin into motion… he would soon move through the years.
The engine first spluttered and… flustered, he watched the dial begin at 1900 then climb up steadily through a decade and more. To be sure he could believe his own eyes a look through his window, sees him espy passers-by  some jostle in their rush, others strolling deep in their chat.  He was on the outside looking into another world. Pushing the lever forward again, he watched as the mannequin in the shop window opposite was dressed in many different styles as the years advanced, occasionally outrageous fashions yet, he remained entranced… as time, for him, marched on.

‘The Time Machine’ was written by H. G. Wells in 1895. Very forward thinking for that time.
It tells the story of an inventor in Victorian England constructs a time-travelling machine which he uses to travel to the future. There was a movie made in 1960 with Rod Taylor, Alan Young and Yvette Mimieux.
Another was made in 2002 with Guy Pierce in the lead role which was directed by Simon Wells, the author’s great-grandson. I’m not too sure I’d want to time travel in that old chair but, it is pretty Victorian looking.

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #23

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

13 thoughts on “The Time Machine”

  1. Excellent take on the prompt; I enjoyed your synopsis of Wells’ story. The photos are great too; steampunk fans would drool over that time machine. 🙂

  2. Loved your direction on this one! Fun. I hope this gets posted as I have the worst time with getting the code right! Thanks too for visiting my blog and commenting!

  3. I loved the original time machine movie. Sometimes I think a portion of the population is becoming the Eloi. I worry about them.

  4. Scary chair indeed!! I wouldn’t want to be strapped in there!! We do get to see such stuff in Indian movies here sometimes!! Nice use of the wordle words!!

  5. If only it were real…rather than fast forward I’d set it back to a simpler time. I long for the pastoral life of forest edged meadows. Although I’m curious about 100 years from now. Both Julie and Thyra, my daughters, say they won’t bring children into our world because the world’s future is too uncertain. Thyra will adopt, and Julie says “no kids, no way.” My son Arthur, on the other hand, wants children. I worry that many informed and intelligent people will feel the way my girls do, and stop breeding, but the welfare doles will grow and grow. Here’s a frightening thought: an uneducated population is much easier to control.

    Thanks for this piece, it got me imagining. That’s what good writing does. I remember seeing the Rod Taylor movie as a kid.

  6. Yeah that chair looks like it would burst if it time traveled, I’d rather go 88mph and use my Delorean..haha

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