An autumn breeze came
blowing in across my thoughts
Lingered there, ruffled my hair as
I continued to walk my walk.

Ask me how I feel.
No don’t, for I may yet tell.

The knowing hurts
the not knowing
…even more.

It’s the living years
you see.
Oh, yes those living years.
The ones we feel the most
because we keep their tears
for souvenirs
On days like these
as memory fades
a breeze arrives gently
to remind.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

Shared with dVersePoets Openlinknight #10

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

24 thoughts on “Breeze”

  1. This is what I love about autumn, not the external change but the ability to go within, how well you’ve caught that here, thank you.

  2. Beauty does touch us that deep. Somehow this time of year, we feel the quick of life and know the sharp sting of death is not so far away. Beautifully written. Gay

  3. So lovely..wonderful thoughts and words to the soul to speak to the memories.
    The Autumn Breeze. A true metaphor for fall in my book of memories.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  4. A mix of memories, longing and what-could-be. “Keeping tears as souvenirs.” Beautifully and gently expressed. Thanks for sharing through the poem.

  5. Odd how the little things can erupt a flow of memories through us.,… It seems that the breeze was your culprit here, bringing you something sad of the living years… Funny that because I’ve always wondered if there is more than that, the living years I mean…. When it’s over and done might we find that this life was but a drop in the bucket of an eternity we spent elsewhere? Secretly I have always thought this life might be purgatory, a place to atone for things we did is that other eternity that we can’t remember….. Well see now? Your breeze has blown across my thoughts too……

  6. Very nicely written. Love the nuances played in here. The ellipsis and the ital, I found deepened the tell. The ending is great as something simple as a breeze can in fact jar loose things forgotten. Well done, thanks for the read and happy Open Link Night

  7. Beautiful picture… and I especially like:

    It’s the living years
    you see.
    Oh, yes those living years.
    The ones we feel the most
    because we keep their tears


  8. i will try again…

    autumn is my fav time of year…there is great beauty but it is a time of memory and rememberance…and a chance to cool after the heat of the summer and prepare for what is to come…

  9. oh my -i could read this on and on- this dialogue with the self, so realistic, so magical- so deep. the living years- yes so it seems we only live if we suffer…great one!

  10. I found this to be a lovely write! I enjoyed the whole piece, but that last stanza with the tears for souvenirs, love that 🙂

  11. autumn is a beautiful time but i tend to get a bit depressive this time of the year because of the dying, the decay, the tears wept and we pull them out in autumn, not really sure why…i felt this…

  12. like souvenirs. my god that’s gorgeous. this is remarkably deep, speaking the wisdom of a lifetime in lovely words in the most fleeting of seasons.

  13. Oh how those times and days creep up to remind us.. specially autumn breeze…nice one ~

    Happy day ~

  14. Being gently reminded of such days, through the suns nice autumn rays, is very nice. But watch out for a big gust, might come with a price..haha

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