Andy Whitfield Spartacus

Warning: The Video clip contains graphic violence and bloodshed.

Like sheep to the slaughter they thread their way though
the stench of a piss-sodden corridor
(this surely was the God’s forsaken underworld)
for all their shouts of bravado and verve what they
were about to do would need nerves of steel.

He thought then of the opal
he’d given his wife
(to the victor go the spoils)
reminded of the omen she’d told him
after hearing her muse foretelling of blood and sand
and, of how he’d dismissed those fears
fingertips placed upon her soft lips
with a yearn then to kiss them… and more.

(He sighed)
love and emotion could play no part
in this day nor any other, until he either died
or was no longer called, slave.

Muscles tensed, honed to perfection from
enforced practice
(both to teach and to strengthen)
he caught sight of his battle-scarred reflection
in the mirror on an opponents shield
and wondered who he truly was
because he didn’t know… not anymore.

The gates opened and a raw stabbing sunlight
almost took him by surprise
now that his wife was no longer alive
he didn’t care if he did kill them all
or if he in turn, died.

Stepping out onto the sand
he thrust his two short swords up in the air
as the crowds in the stands above stood
erupting with an almighty cheer for
Capua’s new champion



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Here’s more about Spartacus There are different stories about this Thracian who at first fought with, was betrayed by, and then fought against, Rome. Was captured, forced into slavery but went on to become a famous gladiator and again led a slaves revolt against his Roman masters. There was a good 1960 movie about him starring Kirk Douglas as the Gladiator but…the video clip above and picture below is

    my way of a small tribute to Andy Whitfield and, to his fine acting skills.
After a hit 2010 Starz TV first series, Andy was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Undergoing treatment they postponed a second series and made a 6 part series (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena) with another actor in a different lead gladiator role while awaiting Andy’s recovery. Having been told he was clear of the cancer, only two months later, it returned and, Andy passed away last week, on Sept 11th. He was only 39 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children.
Of all the roles he played, he will always be best known for the role as, the gladiator hero, Spartacus.  R.I.P. Andy Whitfield.

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Author: Daydreamer

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15 thoughts on “Andy Whitfield Spartacus”

  1. Andy was indeed an up and coming talent. Touching tribute, if a tad visceral. (!) I think he’d dig it. He was a class act who insisted the show go on and his role be recast. Your poem not only uses the Wordle to perfection but makes me realize where they got the name “Kara Thrace” on “Battlestar Gallactica,” her tag name was Starbuck. Loved THAT alternative casting, too.

    Great job! Amy

  2. Such a moving episode. The passing of Andy is most untimely, at such a young age. With a promise of a grand career in showbiz and not forgetting a young family to mourn him, it’s truly sad! Your brilliant verse is a fitting tribute. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Your pieces are always an education and a delight to read. I read about Andy passing away, very sad indeed, so young.


  4. Your poem was so gritty and visual. I liked the parentheticals, and then how they were gone in the last two stanzas – no more personal asides or doubts. Very sad to hear about the passing of Andy Whitfield; he was so young.


  5. Your pieces never fail to educate, intrigue and delight. The loss of Whitfield is sad. You do Spartacus justice in your wonderful piece. I especially like the imagery of the last stanza. Victory!

  6. I’m always amazed at what you are able to work in your wordles. So much information in addition to poetry.

  7. Yes this is a very good show, graphic and sometimes a bit overboard but oh well, great entertainment none the less. Sad that Andy couldn’t finish it’s run and passed so soon.

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