A Language of its Own

Sometimes sadness simply
But, it isn’t mine
isn’t yours

just a feeling that sweeps
with ease across
my souls earthly vibration.

Even though I fall
…I rise
Having learned another lesson
stand in awe of all the living
colours my eyes had failed
to see when open.

A backward glance once left me
in love among the stars and moon
where secrets of our hearts poured forth
without the need of omission.

inner battles raged, fought
and won

I find my serene
in quiet times
of splendid isolation where
silence speaks a language
of its own.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLV111
Poetry Pantry #66

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

9 thoughts on “A Language of its Own”

  1. For 25 years I have been looking backwards, and it left me breathless and in great despair. Jenny’s 25th anniversary of her untimely death is fast approaching. But I feel peaceful and calm so far. Could it be that your poems have a healing effect on me? I’m starting to think that. OMG,if that’s the case, I will love you forever, Bren. Always, cat.

  2. So well penned. I love the fourth and last stanzas…”A backward glance once left me breathless” and “silence speaks a language of its own”. Brilliant!!!

  3. “even though I fall, I rise” – which is the inspiring thing about humans – I so love those words….and “silence speaks a language of its own.” So incredibly beautiful – and true.

  4. the last graph is just rhythmical and magical. i read it again and again. everything was a set up for that. worked so well.

  5. Excellent! I like this one very much, especially the words “even though I fall I rise.” Strong and wonderful words. One must!

  6. Glad you fought and won. Oh and quiet times are the best.

    But don’t going falling too many times, your knees might get sore and you may not rise..hahaha

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