The Wish

She dwells in mermaid majesty
a princess of the sea.
Hears the music of it all
in liquid symphonies.

She knows the calm
(the blue)
The constant flow of life
in water’s peace.

She has the sun’s warmth
to caress her natural nakedness.

Charm, grace, beauty beyond
compare, and, the gift of
speech to mystical creatures of
the deep in haunting songs that
will always be a mystery to
the likes of you and me

but yet….

her heart desires more.

A fire in her soul burns bright.
One lone candle through the 
longest nights of her 
aquatic infinity.

There is something she 
must fulfil.

An ache that’s held her
since its make….

For, she wishes she 
could fly, just like faeries
through the sky, and go to
places never seen except in
past’s far distant dreams.

A gentle swish.
A whooshing swirl (or
was it Neptune’s trident’s twirl?)

From out of nowehere
bubbles form and into these
her wishes born.

Somehow she takes off
into the sky, and, as I 
watch her fly I realise
that we too can… 

Give life to our


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

Shared with Imaginary Garden with real toads Picture Prompt (Mermaids)
Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Time

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

23 thoughts on “The Wish”

  1. … so beautiful, Bren … in dreams anything is possible … had some wonderous dreams about Jenny years ago … blessed be, my friend. Love, cat.

  2. A realization that we too ought to be patient with hope. Our dreams would be fulfilled. Excellent reminder and beautiful verse!

  3. Beautiful writing… I read that mermaids are the next vampires… we’ll see them in books and movies. Can’t wait.

  4. this is beautiful, a mermaid’s dreams. very original and counter-intuitive.
    and ache that has held her… durn lovely.

  5. Wow…I like how you brought the reader by to reality. I was almost drifting too far. This is splendid.

    ‘Liquid symphonies’ that some tight use of words. Nicely done.


  6. Another great piece, love the flow and presence of it. The message wrapped up in it is really neat too. But don’t fly too close to the sun as you could burn up…haha

  7. This is a lovely write. So expressive and visual.

    We seek the impossible in dreams, and that is where we make them possible. I suspect there is more power in dreams than we realize.

  8. We can fly too, if we wish to. Just watched this film – Waking Life. One point they discussed was that in our dreams, we can control our life better than in our waking life. So being ‘awake’, we are actually more shackled by chains.
    Felt that your poem just added to my train of thoughts 🙂 Thanks!

  9. This is a wonderful expression of the prompt. An excellent write. The rhythm pulls the reader on a flow through your words. Brava!

  10. This is stunning. I love where you took the prompt. The poem flowed like liquid, and I do believe as well we can give life to our dreams…if we try hard enough.

  11. Ah! This offers a new angle on the prompt. What strikes me the most about your piece is the woman of the sea wishing to fly away.. a kind of divine discontent which infuses so many of us, never wholly content with what we have.

    Thank you for sharing your work on Real Toads.

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