Jack the Ripper

Whitechapel area Victorian London



No star studded nights shine their light here, amidst the slums and fallen.
He waits nondescript, watching the street women work in the thickest of London’s pea-souper fogs.
Pallid faces dressed up to the nines. Over-painted lips quivering and pinched noses, appearing bird-like from their shadows on the cobbled-stone street ‘neath the gaslights dim glow.
He listens as the women tout. Shout their cheapest prices to hordes of young men and other drunks who goof around as they leave the bar, steal each others top-hats or hitch the seat of each-others britches high, for a laughing rise.
He breathes in deep…mindful always, to keep his patience. The reward will soon be met when he would slice one of those lice-infested bitches.
Rats crawl along the base of the wall behind him but Jack smiles, this was his Whitechapel and nothing blooms amidst this filthy rack of life but lust and… his lust was just for their blood.

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Most of you will realise this is the story of the notorious serial killer who became widely known as Jack the Ripper. It is thought he began his killing spree in March/April 1888 and is not known when it ended. Over the last 123 years, there have been many theories over who exactly Jack the Ripper was. He was originally called The Whitechapel Murderer until a handwritten letter (supposedly from him) was sent to a newspaper signed, Jack the Ripper.
They speculated that he was a rich man slumming it who hated women, especially prostitutes. Or, he was a royal surgeon doing this with help to cover up one of Queen Victoria’s own Grandson’s (Prince Eddy) who supposedly had married one of the prostitutes, had a bastard child with her and the royal family wanted it all covered up. The Masonics were also suspected of being involved but, none of this was ever proven to be fact.

There’ve been many movies made about Jack the Ripper over the years. Even Johnny Depp made one in 2001 called From Hell, (which was the title of another ‘confession’ letter supposedly sent to the police by the real Jack the Ripper) at that time.

I’ve included three links to read about this story if anyone doesn’t know it and, wishes to.

Jack The Ripper
Jack the Rippers Identity uncovered
Royalty and Masonic Connections and Jack the Ripper

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  1. I too enjoy what you are doing with wordle words. Truly an original way of using the words! And I learn something as well.

  2. This is an awesome piece. I read a book about 15 years ago on Jack and you brought back many memories with this. Excellent post as always.


  3. Again, a story built around actual history. Love what you are doing with the wordle words. And your notes are also enlightening. Thank you,


  4. Oh this weeks wordles are terrific, each one so creative I think “oh, this is my favorite!” BUT, I think you win the prize!

  5. Eerie haunting and scary!! You have done it all very well!! I did see the JD movie and felt all creepy in spite of JD being there!! You have created marvelous imagery through your words!!

  6. With the permission of their guardians, students can check out a graphic novel Rick Geary created called Jack the Ripper from my classroom. Geary has created an entire series of graphic novels that showcase Victorian murders…. My students are reluctant to pick up any book. They love these gruesome biographies.

    Your piece is marvelous. Jack the Ripper fascinated the asses. Something about serial killers gets us paying attention. Look at the number of television dramas devoted to them.

    Excellent and interesting piece this week.

    Here’s a link to Geary’s homepage if you’re interested:

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