Without Within

Gazing out across the waters lazy stretch
I smile
cannot drag my eyes away as
waves sweep over me, their tunes
attuned to my mind.

They penetrate its darkness
catch it in a mumble
…a jumble of remembering

Love is like a river on its
journey to the sea
but we each have to pay
the ferryman, eventually.

We share a shuddered sigh
(the breeze and I)

Do I close the book on
an unwritten page
forget the pain.
Tuck it neatly away on
the bottom shelf and never
feel that exquisite ache again.

such a long time to be
without, within

when in truth
it is the places we cannot go
that need to be touched
the most.


©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Shared with Carry on Tuesday #120
Three word Wednesday CCLV1

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “Without Within”

  1. Just wondering, perhaps humans yearn the hurt as without it, the life doesnt feel real enough?
    I love the flow of thoughts and the metaphors used. Keep up the good work!

  2. Something to touch many hearts, Bren, and feelings we all think are not there but never far from the surface. Beautiful!

  3. “when in truth
    it is the places we cannot go
    that need to be touched
    the most”
    Profound words in this poem; Great Job~

  4. hmmm the last lines left me pondering…I tend to analyze a lot and now you’ve given me food for thought 🙂

  5. gazing across the water floods my thoughts with eternity often. the waves just keep comin’, as you say.
    gorgeous. the mood is perfectly at the water’s and eternity’s edge.

  6. It is wonderful to linger in that ‘in-between’ state..you capture it ethereally..makes me want to pack a bag and get there..(not that you need a bag) Jae

  7. Love is like a river on its
    journey to the sea
    but we each have to pay
    the ferryman, eventually..

    Loved it… Lovely expressions 🙂

  8. Wowzers, this is not only beautiful – and I envy you being close to the ocean – but the last lines are profound. I also loved the lines about having to pay the ferryman, eventually. Wonderful!

  9. Very true they help go places you cannot go. Of course if one wants to be a loon there is always the rhyming show..haha

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