Dance of Elegance

Softly she sighs as
daylight comes.
I see the sun rise in
her eyes and smile at
light of dawn.

Her reflection shines



She moves across the water in
the stillness of my mind
and soon my thoughts are
lost in clouds of
feathered down as she lifts
her wings to flutter


never makes a

She ruffles my heart with
the majesty of her
Her feathers tickle me
lightly as she plays a
symphony of sound in the
ripples lovely

A perfect gift from
heaven with that twinkle in
her eye.
She glides into my dreams.
beautiful water

Perfection personified


So pleasing to my eye.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Poetry Pentry #64

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Dance of Elegance”

  1. how wonderful to read something light and airy this in line in particular “symphony of sound” was like the creme filling in a lady finger pastry!

  2. this is so beautiful…
    She ruffles my heart with
    the majesty of her

    the whole piece moved elegantly… as the ripples I imagined.

  3. We spend winter in the desert. There is a water hazard outside our place and there used to be a swan there. I loved coming out in early morning to watch her, so peaceful. Two years ago she was killed by an errant golf ball. (We were there). I grieve her loss. You brought me a poignant memory with this one.

  4. smiles. on a whole other level this takes me back to watching my wife dance in the Swan Lake…beautiful write…

  5. Ahh, ruffles your heart with the majesty of your moves, I love that!

    This whole poem flowed for me like a fresh batch of my favorite fudge into a pan to cool. Like a chorus of the best ballerinas onto a stage made of feathers and rice.


  6. Definitely a dream that one wants to have, just as she glided in, this piece glides beautifully all they way through, very nice!

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