Pandora and the Flying Dutchman







Skins turned to dust long ago.
Only ghosts sail this vessel upon upon the sea.
Unforgiving wood from ancient trees has stood
the test of time despite smooth sailing and many an angry
squall that sweeps across her bow every now and then.
It doesn’t matter how calm or fervent the storm rages.
All residue is washed from the deck on the next Atlantic breeze.
He teases the cloak across the lean trunk of his body,
so sick of tasting salt on his tongue.
I feel sad for this lonely figure but all records kept swore
they spoke the truth.
He’d murdered his wife thinking her unfaithful.
Mistaken, he’d forsaken his God and now the Flying Dutchman
was doomed to reach the precipice of time only to turn away.
He would never know the peace that comes with death for
he’d been cursed to sail the seven seas for all eternity.

© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Author’s Notes: Ever since I was a child I’ve known the legend of the Flying Dutchman. He’s been imortalised a few times both by famous poets and also a 1951 movie starring Ava Gardner and James Mason. The Flying Dutchman originates sometime in the 16th century where a ships captain so in love with his wife in a rage accidentally kills her because he thought she’d cheated on him. Sentenced to death and half-crazed from the loss of his wife he blasphemes against God, but the night before his execution his cell door mysteriously opens and he escapes, only to discover his ship is now manned by ghosts and he is doomed never to die.  He is allowed to go ashore once every 7 years for six months. Long enough for him to try to find a woman who will love him enough to be willing to die for him.

The movie is set in 1930 and Pandora is a beautiful femme fatale.  Men fall in love with her at the drop of a hat but, she is incapable of loving anyone until, she meets the Flying Dutchman. She is drawn to him without understanding his allure. She is his wife, his love, re-incarnated. She loves him enough to die for him but, he loves her enough to want her to live.
The movie was a fabulous love story.

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