Book of Dreams


We adapt, lift
then carry our loads
on the road home.
Fast and loose
or slow and easy
our destiny ends
the same.

Hanging by a moment
I glide in sweet repose


I danced in
the rain
Made love in its
warm waterfall.

Smiling as I allow the thought
to tickle my senses again.

Like a magnet

Passion is the attraction.
I live and breathe its
fiery flame.

Scars fade over time
but words remain unchanged
One lie cuts like a
Because words mean
…everything to me.

I desire to fly
in light and dark
in what I can’t see
to do no harm.


Under the sun or ‘neath
moonlight’s softest gaze.

In my book of dreams
anything is possible
and nothing left
to chance.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


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