Original Sin


You are sultry, silent
gazing at me
I am mesmerized
for you have that ‘look’ in
your eyes and I am
helpless to resist the wanting
of your promise.

I am the wind that brushes
your hair.
My fingers…
the comb that teases its
way slowly through those tresses
to release your wildest

You part your lips for me
I approach
and dormant butterflies in my
sex take to flight as I see
that soft pink flesh
wet and wanting my

You entwine slender fingers
anticipating my touch
electrifying each lustful
thought in my mind as it too
feels their tips upon
my own willing skin.

Eager to please, you tease me
with a hint of breast’s as ripe
as apples dangle tempting
from the bough waiting for me
to satisfy my hunger on
their ache.

You look at me like the
Goddess of Love just
claimed her richest prize
and I come willing

knowing that lusting after
your forbidden fruit will be my

Original Sin.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights Reserved

I do not believe in the Biblical teachings of how the creation of humans began. I do however think that the original Adam and Eve were probably told not to tamper with the tree of knowledge (Our DNA) or there would be serious consequences. I do believe we are doing now exactly what we were told not to do.
I recently read they are creating human/animal beings now. Such as, putting a human brain into a pigs body, growing human kidneys in sheep, growing human ears on mice and such. Who knows what they’re creating in secret laboratories. Scientists know no limits, now they can manipulate our DNA, to what they will try to create. They didn’t get those pictures of men with horse’s bodies, and men with wings and other such things from out of nowhere. They had to have first been seen to have been drawn/carved into history. I maybe wrong but, do feel sooner, rather than later, this tampering with our DNA will bring about our downfall.
I also feel that mankind has been at the height of great civillisation before, we’ve had all sorts of knowledge about space flight and how to defy gravity for speed and such as that but because there was such a mass mix of human/beastial beings and abberations, the Prime Creator/s bought about the Great flood to wipe it all out and begin again.
I don’t know if my thinking is right or wrong, really… no-one can say because we weren’t there.

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