When Perseus cut off the Medusas head, she bled.
Dripped her life-force into a frothy foaming sea
and you were born, then rose up
Flying Horse.
Oh, white winged steed, strong in body, swift of speed
and bravest heart of all.
A frolicsome beast, you feasted then kicked a hoof
accidentally opened a spring (since then called) The Hippocrene
from out of which water gushed, and when those drank
from this new fountain they began to sprout poetry and other
musings well to tell of your tales of daring do for
all of time, to remember you.
And when he showed you the Golden Bridle you came tame.
Allowing Bellerophon to claim then ride your muscular frame and
thereby he named you


With him astride your back you rode across the sky
soon flew into battle and slew the beast Chimera, then
raced off to face adventures, ever new.
And he loved you flying horse, black-eyed sturdy steed
of speed and darling of the Gods.
But then Bellerophon presumed too much and as such bid
you fly up to Mount Olympus, thereby angering Zeus in
as much as he in turn sent down a stinging fly which saw
you buck and chuck Bellerophon from off your back,
and he was lost.
But with long white mane and tail flowing freely in the
breeze you rode on once more with feathered wings that
flapped again and an ease that took you up to meet your
destiny with one God.
Soon mighty Zeus took one look at you, fell in love, entrusting
you his thunderbolts to carry, and you served him so well that
when your time was done he couldn’t bear to leave you
away from him too far and, being God of all Greek Gods he
ensured your silent immortality by making you
a constellation of stars.

© Daydreamertoo    *All rights Reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Pegasus”

  1. Honestly, I got goosebumps on reading this, Daydreamer.. it was beautiful!! It was educational for a mythically illiterate soul such as myself… but more than that, it flowed so smoothly, that vivid images presented themselves before my eyes as I read it.. Awesome!!!

  2. Splendid retelling of an ancient myth. I really love the final lines:

    ensured your silent immortality by making you
    a constellation of stars.

  3. I’ve always loved Mythology … it was the only course in college I willingly took as the 1st course of the day!!! Great job!! 🙂

  4. did you steal a sip from The Hippocrene? for this beautiful tale surely possesses its essence.

    immortality in the stars…such a divine thought. you weave a lovely tale.

  5. I love Mythology and always have and I have seen in some of your writings the love of it, too. Beautiful words to describe a wonderful creature.

  6. I so enjoyed this. In Catholic school (many years of it!) mythology was not a strong focus :0) so I’m currently taking a college course (on CD) and this dove-tails in so nicely. Thanks for helping round out my education!!

  7. Oh my! My heart may be finished with the reading after this wondrous adventure in poetry. One of my favorite myths, captured and bled onto your pages in beautiful, powerful language. Topping my list thus far!

  8. Fantastic. Mythology is one of my passions and you’ve done a tremendous job in this piece. Love what you did here. Truly phenomenal:) Thanks for sharing over at D’verse

  9. oh, I love this mythical tale you spun. It was smooth and easy to follow and full of fantastic fantasy. very refreshing and unique.

  10. ..very classic’ly inspired.. i enjoyed your many references with the Gods and the inclusion of the famous of the three Gorgons. Thanks for the poem.

  11. Hey – nice to read a classic myth explored – you more than rose to the challenge with skill and i loved your interprtation of a classical story. Ballsy and interesting.


  12. Your writing is educational, it thrills me to come to your blog, because each time I learn something. While I am familiar with these myths, reading them in your words is a delight. Thank you.

  13. nice capture of a great myth…loved her in the original clash of the titans as well…dreamed of riding her through the skies…

  14. Really enjoyed this piece. Always had a thing for greek mythology and the like. Wonderful job working the greek references in too.

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