Naked Sin


Smooth, smooth, smooth
she whispers words
I love to hear
breathed soft
upon a sigh.

She comes close.
As close as moistened kisses
are to skin from the
soaked satin petals
of a rose.

with all the ease and
tenderness of La Luna’s
softest glow
she sways as I gaze in
admiration upon her
jewel encrusted gown.

She sparkles
shakes her hips and shimmers
using all her feminine wiles
to entice.

Lures me in
soaks me up and breathes me
So much so, I yearn to
swim inside the deepest
undulating waves of
her warmth and
naked sin.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


You can interpret this however you wish. I believe you can make anything and everything sensual without being smutty, using any bad language or porn and, I do love to go swimming. *winks