Torrrrr tia!

This is for Jemmy Matlocks saturday Centus but, I can’t share the joke unless I set the scene first sooooo the prompt itself is 50 words + the prompt Jenny…honest. 🙂

Most of you won’t know it, I am English born and raised but have lived on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada now for nearly 12 years and, although I no longer think I have an accent people I meet always seem to zone in on it right away and, say they can hear it as plain as day.
I’ve been raising a Canadian child since she was four, so you can well imagine, we have some fun now with the differences between my accent and my tons of quirky English expressions and Chloe mimicking me here and there and telling me I need to speak like a Canadian because no-one is going to understand me!

Soon after Chloe was aged 9… I became a single parent to her and she and her best friends would swap sleep overs, sometimes they’d be at our house other times, at theirs. They were at our house one day playing a game with their dolls and I overheard them trying to speak with ‘posh’ English accents.

Sounded soooooooooo funny to hear them trying to speak with an accent English like me……LOL

So, we had a giggle as I told them about Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and her cockney accent etc.. they both tried to say “The Rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain” in cockney…Hehehe Canadian kids trying to speak cockney… was hilarious.

She turned 15 in April this year and as part of helping her with her French lessons, I’d been trying to teach her to Rrrrrroll her R’s

Bearing in mind my pronunciation of things and her understanding of words and their meaning now and her pronunciation in Canadian, she hears the word ass now….not from me I’d still pronounce it as arse…(if I said it) but… she hears it and knows what it stands for now etc.

There was an advert on TV for Dairy Queen and all it is a black screen and this huge mouth that is a cartoon pair of thick bright red lips saying… “Tortia” in a Mexican accent…
with a LOT of rolling of the R….Torrrrrr tia!

Jenny’s Saturday Centus 50 words + Laugh out loud

Chloe’s in front of the TV copying this.

“Can you roll your R’s yet?”

She looked at me then started gyrating her hips.

I cracked up…..because I realised she thought I’d asked….”Can you roll your arse?”

Talk about laugh out loud, I nearly choked…. “I said can you roll your R’s not….your arse.”

Then she cracked up…


The pair of us have had many such moments like this since over those 11 years.

I’ve always called them: “Chloe gems”

OMGoodness…… I’ve always sworn she’ll kill me one day….with laughter.


Shared with Jenny Matlock Saturday centus Laugh out Loud

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

19 thoughts on “Torrrrr tia!”

  1. This was such a cute story! You’re right, I think she will kill you one day…but then a few years after that she’ll love that you recorded all of her stories!

    Do you keep them in a book?

    I liked this sweet little take on the prompt!

    Thank you for sharing it.

  2. haha – nice..“The Rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain” you want me to say that with my weird german accent…? smiles….but i def. can roll the R…smiles

  3. Laughter is good for the soul. So glad you have a wonderful relationship with your daughter.~Ames

  4. I can roll my arse and my R’s! I am from Georgia and i get kidded about my southern accent on a daily basis. I guess other people don’t know they have accents as well.

  5. haha…funny post…i remember some of the things my boys said as they were learning to pronounce things that made us laugh and blush a few times…

  6. I loved this, and also my “nose for news” senses a Story bigger than the backstory. I never cease to be amazed at the stories of peoples’ lives. Better than any fiction. Every single time.

  7. hahaha that was too funny. Quite fun for my little rhyming arse to read. Oops rolled an r in there and the e was added free.haha

  8. I am with you on the accent thing…I’m English, lived in both the north and south of England, moved to America 12 years ago, and most people (even British people) think I’m Australian!!!! My two kids are so funny because they tell me off for mispronouncing words and my school kids asked me to create and America/English dictionary chart when I first started teaching in the US many years ago 🙂

  9. What a sweet back story. Being of French-Canadian descent, I know only too well from listening to my grandmother how easily it is to be misunderstood.

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