somewhat immune

but a harbour can be a prison, too.

Although safe and sound
solitary confinement
can lead to living fantasy
and harsh realities not willing to be met
still radiate ‘neath truth’s unrelenting gaze.

Forbidden fruit
lays rotting on the ground.

Looking over ones shoulder
the past still gives a nasty nip
every now and then.

Gold waits to be discovered
in someone else’s time
although I planted the seed
it was never truly mine.

Emotions do not crystallize

I live each day and, learn

Speak telepathically
to those I love
transcending all the miles
in thoughts that drench
(compatible with mine)
blend in majestic moonlight
where mystical spirits dwell
amid living waters flow.

I go so deep
(too deep sometimes)

In darkness
other worlds awaken
outside the prison walls


Lively faerie’s gather
dance naked before my eyes
across capricious moonbeams
flitting blade to blade
free my thoughts to fly with them
on lightening wing to wing.

Thoughts of friendships born
and of promises made.

Like a Weeping Willow
I bend
Cry a little
then mend


If I am the love of the loved
I remain



© Daydreamertoo   *All rights Reserved


 This is just some thoughts in memories that wanted to have their say and, yet more on how I’d never seen them before, but how much I loved watching fireflies flit and dance through the grass one dark night.


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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

16 thoughts on “Unbroken”

  1. whoah!!! whoah!!! okay my vocabulary is lacking here because this is WHOAH!!!
    Thank you much, splendid!!! 🙂

  2. wow – this left me breathless – great flow and textures in this and a deep and meaningful closure – wow

  3. Enchanting Daydreamer! and…I’m always amazed by the images on your posts.

  4. ‘A harbour can be a prison too’ – what a fantastic line..the things you build up to keep you safe certainly can end up working against you, keeping you in a darker place..glad you got these words down..Jae

  5. wonderful close to this…those last 2 lines were perfect but some really fine touches through out…forbidden fruit lays rotting struck me…

  6. Truly a lovely write, a very captivating image too.

    Oh and fyi get me a biodegradable pringle can and that’s what I’ll use when I go..hahaha

  7. utterly gorgeous. this picture reminds me of how I
    am sleeping these past nights… I feel as if you
    have read my journal and …killing me softly with
    this song.

  8. Fairies Fly Naked

    Fairies are fine folk
    and though they fly around nude
    I think that’s nothing
    to them or to us
    because they are really not
    made like we are made –
    no mud, in or out.

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