I dance the dance of life
treading softly through my days
lest I lose all sense of
earths balancing vibration.

You are here
far away
where the waves rise and play
on some distant horizon in my dreams.

Always, love’s theme

a choral symphony
where I stop, pause a while
amidst their sublime and
sequined, aquatic flow.

So you
So me.

A crescendo builds
as your passion’s flow
(I’m sure)
interrupts the tranquil
hush of heaven.

Should we retreat

listen to our soul’s cry
and heart sighs

but yet,

mine still beats
and revels in its continued
Zen of Being.


©Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

 Always thinking….and life goes on.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

9 thoughts on “Zen”

  1. There is this yearning and longing that pulled me in. Also, a knowledge of self, though one is yearning it does not take away from the peace of mind, not troubled at all. It just is.

  2. I love this – and I SO love those rocks with words on. I have some too. I love the peace in this poem: the Zen of Being…..lovely work.

  3. Life does go on. My favorite part is the first stanza- love the dance of life. Sometimes it is gentle sometimes more frantic or loud, but important to tread softly to not lose that sense and connection.

    This is beautiful, I’ve read it several times. thank you for sharing it 🙂


  4. Well I did have time to read this one too–and it’s just beautiful. When you stop and think about it–all of life is Zen–there is nothing outside of it. Like you said–the Zen of being.

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