Holding the Essence


Days come and go

Seem to slip on by with
a movement of their own
Bring sadness and sorrow
or happiness and joy
each moment special and unique
as they never fail to touch
that sensitive part we keep
for us alone.

With a lovers eyes
I close mine
and then hear
the song of the wind
whisper her mystical

and swayed to trance
I see more than I have
ever seen before
through the mind’s eye.

A blade of grass dances
with simplistic moves
but, invitingly.
Enough for me to see
the light and then to fathom
it’s holding our essence

The very essence of

Pure life.


© Daydreamer Too

Shared with dVerse (Prompt Water)

If you have time and are interested enough, please read my post before this one entitled, Zen.


Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

22 thoughts on “Holding the Essence”

  1. pure life i really like the end
    wht does it mean
    dont know..
    it tells something to me everytime
    but i never know
    all i do
    smile and live

    superb writing

  2. “A blade of grass dances
    with simplistic moves
    but, invitingly.
    Enough for me to see” The way I am feeling right now

  3. ah beautiful – your words are as elegant as the pic and somehow as fragile as well .. enjoyed this..

  4. essence = pure life and that simple blade of grass is cradling it right there. What a miracle! brilliant observation of the most miniscule detail. amazing.

  5. Beautiful delicate images here drew me right along to a lovely ending. Perfect pic to illustrate your words. It’s always a pleasure to read your poetry!


  6. That is one cool photo–so beautifully delicate and holding that one pure drop of water. It supported your poem perfectly–if we but pay attention, the whole of our essence shows up in a blade of grass. Lovely…

  7. Just taking the time out and seeing more “through the mind’s eye” great line there. Yep without water we’d be toast and with the heat could also roast..haha

  8. And it is… you have captured that moment very well…

    Happy to see you lined with us today ~ thanks always for your kinds words in my blog ~

  9. A nice calm moment. I like how you pain each moment with every kind of possibility. I think we forget that each second has the good and the bad in it at once. I liked the use of the word “fathom” near the end too. It stood out more because of the prompt of water.

  10. nice…love how you take the longway around the bend in this though it is all relevant…as is all like…and at its essence…water is essential to sustain it…nicely penned…

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