Holding the Essence


Days come and go

Seem to slip on by with
a movement of their own
Bring sadness and sorrow
or happiness and joy
each moment special and unique
as they never fail to touch
that sensitive part we keep
for us alone.

With a lovers eyes
I close mine
and then hear
the song of the wind
whisper her mystical

and swayed to trance
I see more than I have
ever seen before
through the mind’s eye.

A blade of grass dances
with simplistic moves
but, invitingly.
Enough for me to see
the light and then to fathom
it’s holding our essence

The very essence of

Pure life.


© Daydreamer Too

Shared with dVerse (Prompt Water)

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I dance the dance of life
treading softly through my days
lest I lose all sense of
earths balancing vibration.

You are here
far away
where the waves rise and play
on some distant horizon in my dreams.

Always, love’s theme

a choral symphony
where I stop, pause a while
amidst their sublime and
sequined, aquatic flow.

So you
So me.

A crescendo builds
as your passion’s flow
(I’m sure)
interrupts the tranquil
hush of heaven.

Should we retreat

listen to our soul’s cry
and heart sighs

but yet,

mine still beats
and revels in its continued
Zen of Being.


©Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

 Always thinking….and life goes on.