I'm There


Amidst the hustle, the bustle
the banter and busy daily buzz

I pause a while
sometimes, fumble
searching, seeking clarity.

Humble in my ways
watch the clouds roll by
see smiles etched in the sky that
(I know)
will last forever
from an artist’s palette
whose glance through lover’s eyes
paints with soul, ablaze.

Do you hear the wind blow?
It’s song is calling to you.
Wild and free
across tall grass prairies.
Or, do you stop to
feel it ‘neath bare feet.
That steady beat of nature’s life
between your toes.

Would you know the Celestial touch
that comes in whispers from a
gentle spirit as she
entreatingly imparts
‘I never did say goodbye’
don’t cry,
touch your heart

I’m there.’


© Daydreamer Too     *All rights reserved

For Chris and those I know, whose souls ache. Always, with love.

Shared with Thursday Think Tank Promt *Grass
Poetry Pot Luck week #45 Nature & life
3 Word Wednesday CCLI

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “I'm There”

  1. “from an artist’s palette
    whose glance through lover’s eyes
    paints with soul, ablaze.”

    stunning take on the prompts! you are SUCH an amazing poet! it’s pure joy to read your words. ♥

  2. This last line, “‘I never did say goodbye’
    don’t cry,” is so sweet! Great poem, I love the simple rhymes you throw in, the underlined words make it interesting too.

  3. Poetry that can be enjoyed on many levels. Without the underlined prompt words, I never would have known it was written from a prompt. Exquisitely done.

  4. Middle stanza are particularly wonderful in imagery and rhythm. Expresses effectively the longing and hope. Like this one a lot.

  5. I feel like quietly sitting in a corner and readig your piece and your fried’s answers … some are easy to understand, some are wishful thinking …but all are lovely and lovingly written. Thank you, my new friend, ich have much to sort out and think about. I’m, myself was invested bey my mummer to become the next hereditary witch in the family..and I’m taking this task not very lightly. Blessed be, cat.

  6. Well Done; I love how the soul showed it self in many forms…
    I love how you used a lot of nature to reveal the emotion; beautiful~

  7. I loved this.
    Amid my hustled day I took the time to be outside and the clouds were gorgeous today. This spoke to my heart and made me smile. I’m sure your inspiration here has touched many!

    Just beautiful 🙂


  8. What an incredibly beautiful poem. “Dont cry. Touch your heart. I’m there.” That is comforting for those of us grieving losses. It is so true, but hard to remember when you are missing that Presence. Beautiful writing!

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