She Who Shadow Walks


She who shadow walks
sweeps across my mind
as it turns back dusty pages
holding emotional times.

She was hurting so
reaching out to love
and with notes of deep
over-coming pain.

She would quietly come and sit
often stay a while
among the pages I would write
absorbing energy from words
that connected with the fragility
of her soul.

She loved to see and share the love.
The flowing steady stream of thought
that lived and breathed in light.

But is she lost now beneath the
weight of her cloak of shadows
that both warmed and offered her
protection from life and those hurts
that grew, as she did.

In my head I paint a picture of
her love in words which left lasting
footprints in my mind
(the kind you never throw away)

I miss
She Who Shadow Walks
and hope she will return

One day.


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I wrote this a very long time ago about a woman who used to come read my other online journal. Her notes meant so much to me. Like myself, she’d been hurt by life yet, she’d overcome it all the only way that we can, through love and, of learning how to forgive, sometimes the unforgivable.
People come into our lives for a reason, a season or, a lifetime. They teach us or, we teach them.
She came into my life to teach me and told me many times that, I too had become, pure love.
She was let down by a man she loved and disappeared then but after about 4 years, she returned to note me, once again, with that same quiet calm and serenity about her that I always sought, then somehow (after losing my life partner) I managed to discover for myself through going deeper within than I had ever been before.

It’s in that inner stillness that we find we are one tiny part of this universe but, we are an important part of it nonetheless and, in that stillness we find our balance, our clarity and then discover we know the answers to what troubles us.

I don’t know if she wore shoes. She is an earth lover, at one with nature. but, she walked into my life, inspired me with her use and love of words and her unabiding faith in people and, in a way she helped change, me.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “She Who Shadow Walks”

  1. She who shadow walks is a great title and really penetrates.

    After reading the post poem notes are felt moved but enriched by your positive outlook.

    Good write

  2. That is so nice of you, well written tribute to the woman who so deserves.

  3. As I read it I thought it was about losing your muse/mojo/what-have-you … but losing touch with someone that comforts you is just as bad, if not worse in many ways. I’m happy that you reconnected. Also, I like the sentimentality of this piece. Great job!

  4. A beautiful ode to a special person it seems. Your explanation after the poem gave me chills because I have an offline friend that taught me the same things – that I am love…very touching write.

  5. she who shadow walks, love that image, love the heartfelt beauty in this piece. people do come into our lives for a reason, i believe that. clearly she has made an impact on yours.

  6. …a moving one indeed… i can feel the passion and the connections you put here… ’tis very well communicated. thanks!(:

  7. I’m not afraid to say I’m an emotional man and after reading the poem and the notes after, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach…almost brought tears to my eyes.

    People come and go from our lives all the time, but there is always that special someone who has that long-lasting effect on us and even when they disappear, we always remember them and what they gave to us.

    Simply beautiful, Daydreamertoo.

  8. I took as much from your write up as I did the poem. Both heartfelt & moving. I think certain people come into our lives for a reason, and we learn from them, good or bad..Lovely poem, thanks

  9. I used to keep a list of lines from poems I found so powerful I wanted to write a poems with them as the themes. “She who shadow walks,” would be one of those lines, but you used it so perfectly, any attempt by me would fall flat.

    A Buddhist proverb goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher (or master) will appear.” I’m not a Buddhist, but I believe that proverb is true. We all have people who came into our lives when we needed them. Some become lifelong friends; others are only around as long as the need is great. Things happen for a reason. There is a power that brings us together, and several of these people may be influencing us at any given time. It’s wonderful that one was there for you when needed.


  10. yes, we are lucky to meet people like that (either in real or e-life) who inspire and encourage us to continue and love life passionately.

    too bad you missed the D’verse prompt on shoes, but this share is very lovely. i like the notes you placed below the post.

  11. Beautiful. I loved this piece. It is wonderful when someone comes into your life and makes an impact on our lives and then they are a memory. Some people call them Angels.

  12. DayDreamer, I was on dverse and also discovered I had missed the “shoe” prompt. Darn. But posted mine anyway, below.

    This was a beautiful story-poem. Isn’t in amazing how we meet folks along the “e-way” and how they change our outlook by sharing their stories. Some drift in and out of our lives, and now your poem has me thinking on a few who have drifted out of mine…

    Lovely writing, DD. Amy

  13. smiles. people come into our lives at just the right time and i is never easy to see them go again…cool that you had her for a season…lovely capture though of her…

  14. Oh my, this is beautiful! I loved the notes below. I wonder how many times people impact our lives and they don’t realize how deep.

    I love the concept of She who Shadow Walks. I really enjoyed this and it touched me. Thank you for sharing it 🙂


  15. Oh I love this poem and, even more, your notes below. I hope she is all right. She likely has little idea how much she impacted you. It is rather wonderful, the connections we make, all unknowing, through life, isnt it?

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