She Who Shadow Walks


She who shadow walks
sweeps across my mind
as it turns back dusty pages
holding emotional times.

She was hurting so
reaching out to love
and with notes of deep
over-coming pain.

She would quietly come and sit
often stay a while
among the pages I would write
absorbing energy from words
that connected with the fragility
of her soul.

She loved to see and share the love.
The flowing steady stream of thought
that lived and breathed in light.

But is she lost now beneath the
weight of her cloak of shadows
that both warmed and offered her
protection from life and those hurts
that grew, as she did.

In my head I paint a picture of
her love in words which left lasting
footprints in my mind
(the kind you never throw away)

I miss
She Who Shadow Walks
and hope she will return

One day.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved



I wrote this a very long time ago about a woman who used to come read my other online journal. Her notes meant so much to me. Like myself, she’d been hurt by life yet, she’d overcome it all the only way that we can, through love and, of learning how to forgive, sometimes the unforgivable.
People come into our lives for a reason, a season or, a lifetime. They teach us or, we teach them.
She came into my life to teach me and told me many times that, I too had become, pure love.
She was let down by a man she loved and disappeared then but after about 4 years, she returned to note me, once again, with that same quiet calm and serenity about her that I always sought, then somehow (after losing my life partner) I managed to discover for myself through going deeper within than I had ever been before.

It’s in that inner stillness that we find we are one tiny part of this universe but, we are an important part of it nonetheless and, in that stillness we find our balance, our clarity and then discover we know the answers to what troubles us.

I don’t know if she wore shoes. She is an earth lover, at one with nature. but, she walked into my life, inspired me with her use and love of words and her unabiding faith in people and, in a way she helped change, me.

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