From a celestial balcony
they observe
Serene, in their divine.

They watch as we would watch
insects scurry and
jostle for a place
amidst the bones of those
who’ve gone before.

Tides rise and fall
fill the void, within.

I dream of emerald wings
which rise slowly
lift, then flap their blessed freedoms
to a willing wind.

Oft times life hands us
ominous vibrations
but the rhythm matches
our own
and we make our choice
to either sink or, swim.

(I wonder)

Do the Angels ever partake
in this world’s created illusion
and theatrical pantomime.


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved

I’m not quite sure what I was trying to say in this, I think (bearing in mind the 13 Sunday whirl words that had to be used) it’s that a lot of people seem to live in an unreal world these days. They want brilliant white teeth, no wrinkles, plastic faces to take away all signs of ageing, no grey hair, no fat. They dress their 5 and 6 year olds up in adult make-up and parade them in these beauty pagents and then wonder why they grow up screwed up as they become true adults.

 It’s all a created world of perfection, and illusion bought and paid for with money. It’s a crazy world we live in when we are not content to wear the lines on our faces with pride. I tell my teen, each line on my face was earned the hard way through winning lifes oft times hard battles and, I wear mine, with pride.

Reality is wrinkles and growing old, but with it comes the grace and the joy of learning and wisdom to know that you have made most of the big mistakes you’re likely to ever make and to relish in the fact of your inner growth.

Although I allow my thoughts to wander in their meditative daydreams, I do live in the real world. Where people still have yellowed teeth and fillings, wrinkles and grey hair, and… they are (mostly) all still, real.

Shared at: The Sunday Whirl #13 (I found this weeks words very challenging)
Poetry Pantry #58
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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

22 thoughts on “illusion”

  1. A view from the sky 🙂
    That is what I gather from this, and yes I believe angels do…
    Ha! I am not looking forward to wrinkles at all, but it is a part of life 😦

  2. This is gorgeous. Your process notes echo my own thoughts of society and its screwed up priorities. Thank you for sharing yourself and your ideas through the whirl each week. I enjoy your contributions immensely.

  3. I like reality. Even the days it is a little too real for comfort!
    Reminds me of the humorous phrase ‘Truth is stranger than fiction, but not as popular…’

  4. Beautiful use of the prompt, DayD. The whole stanza about emerald wings is brilliant imagery.

    About your comment: I am going grey and love it. So does my husband. I drink coffee, so teeth are slightly yellowed. I have GRAND smile lines and some equally grand canyons in my forehead. I’m not planning any surgery unless my eyelids go all bloodhoundish on me and cover my eyes!! I am SO with you. Amy

  5. For some, looking like what the popular world defines as “good looking” matters a lot, as if they are trying to belong to that and they themselves admire those qualities. I do dread seeing parents putting makeup on their little girls — I just wonder what’s the hurry. They don’t need that stuff, and they are not toys…


    Liked your poem, especially these lines:

    “Oft times life hands us
    ominous vibrations
    but the rhythm matches
    our own
    and we make our choice
    to either sink or, swim.”

  6. Sometimes
    I dream of emerald wings
    which rise slowly
    lift, then flap their blessed freedoms
    to a willing wind.

    Beauty beheld in wishes, yet true as the grass is green. This world, this society has made these things the perfect illusion, bypassing all that makes us real.

  7. You make some interesting and valid points with this post.

    We have become a society seeking perfection where perfection does not exist.
    I love myself the way I am. My imperfections distinguish me from the rest of the world and all add to my character and who I am. If we cannot accept ourselves in life and love, what hope is there of us accepting someone else?

    Nicely done!

  8. I thought you wrote clearly, and made a fabulous poem. Beautifully done and the inclusions of the wordle words were seamless.

  9. ddt, I love this stanza,
    I dream of emerald wings
    which rise slowly
    lift, then flap their blessed freedoms
    to a willing wind.”

    And your process notes are perfect. I live in a country where people are getting caught up in the plastic surgery scene. I find it disheartening. I am also proud of my wrinkles, each one has its own story. You’re awesome!


  10. You may have found this week’s 13 words a difficult challenge, but I suspect they made you dig deeper, because you came up with thoughtful, searching pieces of work. A wonderful effort. I love the image of the angel; she looks as compassionate as mine feels when I’m aware of her, and the woman reflects that wonderful sense of being loved, feeling safe, feeling watched over. At the same time, your poem neatly portrays the angels’ detachment, common sense, and even humor – watching us scurry, convinced of the reality of our “pantomime.” It’s refreshing to meet a like-minded soul who believes that wrinkles and marks of age are natural and contain their own marks of beauty and respect. Nice work all round, daydreamer. I love this!

  11. vivid for sure…insects amid the bones…i think angels might just want to be human at times, but what do i know, never met one, but when i do i will ask…smiles.

  12. Interesting: we had the same focus, in a way, of a world where people are not content.
    I like the way you structured the poem and love the images in the second stanza.

  13. Interesting thoughts in your poem, Daydreamer, and amen to your process notes.

    I’m soon to be 46, definitely overweight, and makeup averse. I don’t spend my money on that stuff (other than the occasional haircolor in a box for variety and nail polish because it’s fun) because I’d rather spend it on hula hoop supplies and hoopdancing clothes.

    And rather than hide the padding of my four decades, I YouTube it as CircularPraise, hoopdancing sassy girl. May I never – ever – outgrow that. 😉

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