When Fates Collide

Zeus, The Greek Gods and the Pantheon
The Fates


With gold or silver thread
they spin their wheel of fortune
and thus decree
for better or, for worse
this is our destiny.

In ancient halls in Greece or Rome
they roam in realms of splendour
in alternate realities that
we no longer see
the Pantheon of Gods held
such a dreadful grip on
mortal man
… through fear.

Will I have cowed myself
before all their mythical might in
complete obeyance to the
vast reaches of their bidding.

(always defiant)
I think even then, as now
alone and, despite my meekness
I would keep my own council
forge my own unique path
upon this rock of life.

Because, it’s all about
taking chances
when fates collide.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved

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In ancient times, I believe there were Gods and there were Godesses and then, we (mortals) came into being. We didn’t just dream them up because we felt like it, they had to exist in the first instance or, we couldn’t have known how to create them if they hadn’t first existed.

Anyway, history (her story) has always fascinated me. I love anything and everything to do with awakening knowledge of where we came from, how we survived and where we are going.

A very elderly (96 years young) scientist friend where I used to write once said to me: “Bren, we are not at the frontier in our discovery of space, Earth is the last outpost. Earth, is the last place life (as we know it) exists. Maybe he is right, our world hold millions upon millions of animal, plant species and it is the only planet that sustains all of this life through that very taken for granted but very vital blue liquid gold (water)

Why so many millions of different species all on one planet and nothing else alive in the universe? Makes you wonder if we were all ‘planted’ here so that everything in the rest of the chaotic universe didn’t all die out.

He maybe right wouldn’t it be so cool to stick around for a few millennia and discover so much more…

 Told you I was a deep thinker….. Sometimes, I even make sense.   LOL

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

13 thoughts on “When Fates Collide”

  1. I like your commentary. I too like to ponder upon such mysteries, of course coming to no conclusions but it seems fun to wonder.

    I like your poem and duality contained within. How much of our life is determined by “fate” and how much by choice. We switch between them when deciding why we are where we are sometimes. Sometimes resigning to fate or “will of God” and sometimes refusing to just lie down and take it. I like the end, I think what it says is that both is at play. Very interesting. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful piece – I think perhaps it is upon defiance that the greatest things in this world are created – the first person to say I believe in this..despite what the world around is weaving..(beautiful pics also) Jae

  3. Daydreamer, this is a beautiful poem. I love its form and its language.

    I also want to thank you for your supportiveness of me and my poetry at this difficult time. It means so much to me.

  4. I appreciate any poem conceived through deep thought and makes me think; therefore; I love yours. We do have a fascination for the ancient gods. We may well be seeds they planted here, but it could be we are simply be the last crop planted, not the last garden.

  5. This is a wonderfully enlightening write, Bren, and I too, believe that no matter what hand you are dealt in life it is ‘all about taking changes’. Thank You!

  6. First, the subject was thought provoking..
    Second, the pattern, words, reality, and rhythm was perfect for an ancient symphony of tales untold.nice..
    And the story behind its’ birth, even mystical and dreamy!!! Great one…aren’t each of us curious about this thought, but fear to question them some in time?? I loved this one..

  7. u made a lot of sense here 🙂
    and yeah true some times I wonder too that is our earth is the only place where life exist.

    and we take all the things for granted..
    we should make sure that our coming generation is not deprived of watching rare species only in books or in videos.

    Nice read..

  8. I’m right there with you. I have faith in my path, my journey along it, my ability to evolve and seek /follow spiritual counsel. I have faith in myself and faith in the universe.

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