Cosmic Love


I miss you
in those quiet spaces
(you know)
that pause we take before
breathing in the hint of
un-expected hope with a gasp
…suddenly, aware.

There’s a touch of magic
in the air.

Do you feel it?

(I know you do)

Thunder rolls along the
horizon of my distant dreams
but, with the option of free will
indecision is forgotten.
The noise is there simply
to remind
I am alive
and so too, are they.

Still, a wild untamed sea
emotions swim so deep in me.

Bitter-sweet and salt
the tears
over this white knuckle
roller coaster ride of life
where fate bids me stand
on the edge of destinys
secret well of longing

all senses can feel

Maybe the last chance
for romance will lie in

Cosmic Love.


 © Daydreamer Too    *All rights reserved

I believe it’s when we stop looking for love, that love, finds us.
Shared with 3 word Wednesday indecision, option, fate
Poets United Poetry Pantry #57