Two For One

این نیز بگذرد

‘This Too Shall Pass’

The fabled Persian King paced and paced then, councelled his wise men to write him something that would always be in view. Something which should be true and appropriate in all times, in all given situations and would show that material conditions, positive or negative, are purely temporary. They gave him a ring so inscribed and built an arch in his perfumed garden, aware that each time he passed beneath it on his daily exercise in either direction he would see their wise inscription thus, leaving him always hopeful. And the sign read above his head: “This, too, shall pass away.”

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According to the legend, the wise men the Persian king commanded made him a ring enscribed with this quote. I took a liberty with the fable and added an archway he could walk beneath and read it from both sides, too.

Shared with Jenny Matlock Saturday Centus (100 words + ‘and the sign read’)



The world can wait because I can’t resist
the thought of words that speak
in rhyme.
A poem that flows through a river
of thought, of natural twisted instinct
from a busy heated mind a buzz with noise
and oft times galloping logic
that fluttered in on a wordle whim.


© Daydreamer Too          *All rights reserved

Shared at The Sunday Whirl Wordle #12

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “Two For One”

  1. Bravo! Bravo!

    This was incredible. I started to hilight my favorite lines and then realized it was almost the entire blog post!

    This was really brilliant! I’m so impressed with your mad writing skills.

  2. I think what you did with the fable is awesome. I feel like having those words on my desk somewhere, it would serve as a good reminder and prevent one from becoming overwhelmed by bad things or dulled by good ones. 🙂

  3. “that fluttered in on a wordle whim.” – I loved that. 🙂

    Isn’t it wonderful where the wordle words lead us!

  4. I got plenty for my money 🙂 laughter with the king and touching poetry with the second 🙂

    Thank you, well done!

  5. I enjoyed the fable and often remind myself that whatever unpleasant situation I may be in, it will pass.

    The poem is great. I think we can all identify with the whimsical nature of the wordle. 🙂

  6. I love this lyrical tale. Your words are fluid and easy to read. Your smooth style is very inviting. Your Wordle also made me happy, even it I did have to look the word up to find out what a Wordle is!


  7. Spot on with this statement ‘In all given situations and would show that material conditions, positive or negative, are purely temporary’

  8. Very nice poem. I love its title. I understand ‘the world can wait.’ Oftentimes everything else is put on hold while I write a poem.

  9. The fable, in context, is very profound. The archway was a perfect touch.

    And who among poets can resist the pull of a wordle prompt?

  10. Ah, that poem is something I can relate to such a lot 🙂 Lovely thoughs, Daydreamer! Thanks for sharing.

    The story of the King is also quite well written, and the sign, with so much meaning! Loved it.

  11. Like ‘galloping logic’ and ‘wordle whim’ especially but like the way the whole poem goes together. Wonder how many of us will focus on this because of the word ‘poem’. It will be fun to see the differences.


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