Legends of Love


I gaze into the blue beyond the known
upon halls of wonder
where history was written
on walls that hold
the silence well
painted scars show a past
of passionate days
gone all too quickly


rising mist clears its shroud
revealing tales of derring-do
that endure in legends of
love and of heros.

Two became one in an
unwinding stream of
poetry in pictures and
artistic waves of love
that sailed straight from the heart
crossed a sea in twilight
to disappear into the
bluest land of forever
in the deepest caverns
of the mind.


© Daydreamer  Too      *All rights reserved

I loved this picture as soon as I saw it,  basically because it’s mostly blue and you won’t know it, but blue has always been my favourtie colour. (I think) the picture also conjours up a little magic and mystery too?
This made me think of all the ancient cave paintings they’ve discovered in caves all over the world now dating back in time through millennia, because of course, by word of mouth or, pictures at that time, were the only way to hand their strories down through the generations.

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