Peaceful Ponderings


Sometimes I’m so lost
other times I see it all
with such clarity.

As clear as bells toll
their echoing peals across the water’s
vast expanse of past and
future time.

Touching without touch
I feel the invisible, and
know the impossible
of translucent love.

I have time to think
to breathe
to heal
to be

and, I
the lonely island
offer no resistance in
owning all
I’ve learned.

Ignoring the abyss
I chose to swim to where
waves and clouds unite in
flirtacious summer dance as
each kisses the other
like long lost lovers in
that reaching.

I too
feel the ethereal embrace
as a love I no longer see
wraps arms around
this quiet beating heart
I give leave to set my mind
free once more to its
peaceful ponderings.


© Daydreamer        *All rights reserved

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.