A Place Of Trust


I stopped dead in my tracks today.
We looked each other in the eye

You and I.

For a moment or two
I felt your soul connect
with mine through the magic
of shared space and time.

You hesitated
wondering what I would do
I knew, and sent a
telepathic message that
I meant you no harm.

You seemed to look at me anew
not a spoken word was said

You wouldn’t have understood
it anyway but, your soul
knew that mine was coming
from that same place of trust

Sensing that…

If you crossed my path you
would make it safely to
the other side.

I smiled as you trotted across
with true grace and
the meal you
had won to feed your family.

Sighed happily

Thanked the God’s that be
for allowing me to see such
face to face.


© Daydreamer Too         *All rights reserved


Shared at: Thursday Poets Rally week #47

A few years ago, we lived in a very pretty little fishing village here on our island and, I was driving along one of it’s quiet tree-lined roads going to a computer customer whose computer was always a nightmare to fix because she was into geneology in a big way, so, she had thousands of photographs on it that she would never remember to back up on discs but simply mustn’t lose them because they couldn’t be replaced… added to that, her grandson lived there and at 16 he was very into internet porn.  I dreaded going to her house to repair her computer because it was always a minefield of plenty of viruses and all types of malware.  So, I was driving slowly, trying to prolong arriving there, I suppose.
Suddenly, the most beautiful red fox came out of the trees and stood on the side of the highway, right in front of me!!!
It was sooooooo deep, deep red, black stripes on it’s body and bushy tail with a white tip to it. It had something white in it’s mouth, a little bit bigger than a mouse.
As I was driving so slow, I stopped the car in an instant and thought, it’s bound to run back into the trees… but instead, it looked right at me and, it may sound weird but, I spoke to it in my mind and said: “I stopped my car so you can safely go across and not be run over, please know that I won’t harm you.”
Well, it cocked it’s head to one side, looked at me again and then trotted across the road…..not even a foot away from the front of the car. It trusted me!
It’s the first Fox I’ve ever seen and so close too…. that wasn’t laying dead on the road, in the whole of my life…..What an awesome experience it was!
It seemed to know, I’d stopped just for it and for a brief instant we ‘connected’. To me it was one of life’s…WOW moments.
When we take the time to really be aware, we sometimes begin to see some of life’s most wonderful but , everyday miracles.
A special moment, indeed.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

17 thoughts on “A Place Of Trust”

  1. I love moments where you connect with animals and there is some shared communication. I love having these moments with people I don’t know also!

  2. Daydreamer,
    Thank you for the lovely poem. I was so pleased to be greeted with that photo of a fox, that somehow felt friendly and trustworthy to me, just as you feel the fox felt about your presence.

    Also interesting to hear the back story, but I am especially grateful that the
    of your poem allows me to vicariously “see such beauty face to face.”

  3. WOW! The imagery was breath taking..I could feel the fear and prayer in the eyes of the said..from your words’ depth..simple scene elaborated through magnificent poetry! Beautiful..

  4. Good job in capturing the moment in words. Love your poems as always.

  5. Awww what an amazing moment I have always thought foxes were so beautiful.You have truly captured the awe and reverence of the moment. I have had a similar experience actually I was walking home from college and this odd-looking dog came up to me, it circled me several times but didn’t touched me and walked in front of me kind of trotting backwards. It wasn’t a dog at all though it was a Red Wolf! A lone adolescent male, he followed me home but then he heard a sound and just dove into the forest. I really can’t believe I walked along with one,

  6. I got goose pimples reading this. What is this life if we do not experience at least one such moment of total connection? I would say that that is the very purpose of our days here on this planet.You’ll never be lost again for your soul has now got that beacon.:-)

  7. WoW! What an experience! It’s not something that happens often. If only we humans could be so trusting.
    Beautiful story.

    Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

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