She Danced


You could have heard the beat
as a thousand hearts raced across
the surface of the desert sands but
not one single word was heard as a hush
descended all around.
Nothing stirred
except the fire’s cracks and haze
of smoke and pepper flames.
The music played and she
began to sway with grace
Rhythmically rising to the beats
melodic tune.
Mouths opened, inhaling gasps
she held them in her trance.
The flames enhancing her
beauty all the more.
Her copper hair shimmered
Glimmered in those sparkling eyes
of her captive audience
who’d come from miles
around just to see her
She teased the seven veils
and they came away
flitting, tauntingly
one by one as the red glow
glistened on her nakedness
From both light and shade
her feminine wiles
seared the kings mind
filled it with  heat and desire.
A raging need to possess her
that was equal to the fire.
A rueful smile played across
sultry lips as she
blew him silent kisses
and swung those shapely hips
allowing the silks
to float away on the lightest
evening breeze.
Her mother was so pleased!

She had him eating from
the palm of her hands.
Knew that Herod was
making good his promise
to give her the prize she
coveted most of all.
The blade would fall on
the Baptist’s neck and
soon she would have
his head on a platter.
Nothing else mattered
as she kept her
promise and






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 The video clip is from a big movie that was made in 1953 called ‘Salome’ starring Rita Hayworth, Charles Laughton and Stuart Granger. The movie caused quite a stir at the time for being so provocative in the dance and also corrupting the Biblical story. But, it has stood the test of time and is now a classic. I was so pleased to find they had clips of the movie on Youtube because it shows fully what a temptress she was.
In case you don’t know the gist of Salome’s story I got the following info from Wikipedia
Although based on the New Testament story, the film does not follow the biblical text.
In Galilee, during the rule of Rome’s Tiberius Caesar, King Herod (Charles Laughton) and Queen Herodias (Judith Anderson) sit on the throne and are condemned by a prophet known as John the Baptist (Alan Badel). Herodias resents John’s denunciation of her marriage to the king, her former husband’s brother, and the Baptist’s claim that she is an adulteress.
Salome falls in love with a heroic Roman soldier (Granger) who converts to Christianity. In a direct reversal of the Biblical text, she dances for Herod to save John the Baptist from being beheaded, but is unsuccessful. Horrified, she renounces her mother Herodias, who planned and ordered the execution, and also becomes a Christian convert. The last scene shows Hayworth and Granger listening to Christ (whose face is not shown) delivering the Sermon on the Mount.