Waiting for God

Artwork of Alison Jardine (Duality)


Softly, softly, softly
I love to live my love
without waves which toss and spin
but, create such cosmic ripples
that grow in ever increasing circles
around anothers heart, with light-strings
to pull them safe and willing
into mine.

Halfway to Heaven
yet all the steps remain
and still so far to go.

and turn
and turn again

No aspect stays the same

Arid petals fell from the
roses of hope she carried
lost in ever cooling waters

Sometimes we are the child in fear

When guiding lights obscured
by fearful clouds of doubt
and, no peace can be found
in the place that it was

I wonder if we are all

Waiting for God.


© Daydreamer Too         *All rights reserved


I think I was trying to say that sometimes we wait for God for answers, instead of looking to find the solution ourselves. This is a whole mixed bag of emotions. The painting makes me think of dark and light strands of cosmic light/energy.

Shared at One Stop Poetry (Friday Poetically)
Using the beautiful artwork of Alison Jardine

The Weary Hunter


The hunter, grown weary from
neverending chase with no
rewarding feast to satisfy
such haste.
Today, turns her back on her prey
with great passion and flair
wafts her tail into the air
(but in so doing leaves her scent
behind for the hunter to become the
hunted….the hunter then, to find).


© Daydreamertoo       *all rights reserved


Shared at: G-Mans Flash 55 (A complete piece of work in 55 words or less)

Twilight of the Gods


With flowing grace
she moves in
shape shifting shadows
across a lazy haze
of sweeping sands.

An alluring beat
entreats me (a mere mortal)
to hunger for her
every new day

To see her glorious
chariot of fire cross
cerulean skies
Leaving tears behind
in reflections that
form in the stillness
of streams
after waterfalls.

Destiny awaits
and nothing is impossible
as long as we believe

One touch

One fleeting glance
ahead to infinity
suffice to know
there is no fate but
that which we make

We are the circle

no beginning

no end

sharing in

The twilight of the Gods


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved