Wordle Words


Thoughts twirl in a dance of clouds
love is always in the air
(for those who dare)

Light as threads in gossamer wings
flit across a tangled sky
…sparks fly.
Kaleidoscopic in their mix
of splits and slit of
serpents tongues
reaching down
to you and I from
that temple of the Gods
who sprinkle a lackadaisical
hand of stardust
to woo us with their majick
so that we may relate their
stories through the eons
of legends they know will surely last
in etches made on wood
on stone or, bone.


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved


 Shared at The Sunday Whirl Wordle 9 (A Bakers Dozen) 
The Challenge here is to write something, anything of your choice as long as it contains 13 words that the wordle organiser has chosen for us.
I enjoyed this challenge!
Also Shared at: One Shot Wednesday week 51

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

11 thoughts on “Wordle Words”

  1. I like that “lackadaisical / hand of stardust” – imparted, but without enthusiasm – and where you went with the wordle words linking stories and etches.


  2. Brilliant and enchanting. I’ve been following you for a couple of weeks now and this is my favorite, which actually says a lot more than the face value suggests, as I really like your work a lot:)

  3. “Kaleidoscopic in their mix
    of splits and slit of
    serpents tongues”

    Great poem! I especially like the above passage, which sounds amazing and fits the words perfect, almost with a lisping of s and x sounds to enhance the mention of serpent tongues.

  4. Nothing wordy about this one, nicely written piece, just makes one feel an attraction towards the picture that much more.

  5. Well written, and welcome to the whirl! The link you posted for the 9th wordle, was posted in Wordle 8. If you want to go add your link to the comments under Wordle 9, I think you’ll get more comments, as some participants may not go back to last week’s wordle. I’m so glad you found us and decided to join the mix!


  6. tales from the Gods ~ to be spread through the ‘eons’ from ‘stardust’ scatterings
    ~ this was ‘Majick’ ~ Lib ~ (beautiful image)

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